Celebrities Born on September 24

September 24 is a Tuesday, which means that there are few celebrities born on this day. However, the most famous person born on this day is Iranian revolutionary leader Ruhollah Khomeini. He was born under the zodiac signs of Niu Ox and Libra. Many consider him to be one the most influential people in history. Not many other famous people were born on this day, though, so this day is not as popular as some other days.

Some famous people born on this day include Ben Platt, Holly Knight, Joe Greene, Nia Vardalos, and Spencer Treat Clark. Here are some fun facts about famous people born on this day. Learn more about celebrities who share your birthday! If you’re a September 24r, you’re sure to find someone you know to celebrate your birthday today! There’s nothing better than celebrating a birthday with your friends and family!

Some of the older celebrities born on September 24 include actor Wilford Brimley, 82-year-old singer Cissy Houston, and composer Mike Post. You can also find country singers such as Mike Pinera and Mark Farner. Another great star born on this day is television personality Bryant Gumbel. Other famous September 24th birthdays include comedians Marc Maron and David Letterman. Notable musicians include Young Jeezy, Rapper, and Grant Brandell, New Order bassist.

Besides musicians and actors, there are also a number of famous people who were born on this day. Shawn Stockn, a Boyn II Men actor, is 45 years, and Dr. Luke is 44. In addition, Christina Milian is 36 years old. This day is not a very popular date for celebrity birthdays. However, many famous celebrities were born on it. Consider sending birthday wishes and roses to them if you are one of them.

Simone Rivera, an American journalist and model, was also born on this day. Jeff Hill, a wide receiver for the National Football League, was also among those notable people. There are also notable names in sport, including David Hasselhoff, Australian rugby player. Other notable September 24th birthdays include Janet Weiss, an English singer, and Michael S. Engel, an American paleontologist. Several other notable individuals are Eric Anang, a Ghanaian artist. New Zealand author Eleanang is another September 24th celebrity.

Some other famous people born on this day include: Dominique Michel, a Canadian actress, Eriplando Visconti, an Israeli journalist, and John Brunner, a British-Scottish poet. Jim Henson, an Italian-American actor and musician, was also born in Greenville. This day has seen the birth of many politicians and economists. The most famous person born on this day is President John F. Kennedy, a Massachusetts congressman and former Prime Minister.

Celebrities Born on September 24
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