How to Create a Thoughtful Chemotherapy Care Package

Chemotherapy Care Package

Chemotherapy is physically and emotionally difficult.

In addition to physical side effects like fatigue, hair loss, and nausea, those going through chemo treatment often feel isolated and exhausted. One way you can show your love and support to a loved one going through treatment is by creating a chemotherapy survival kit.

A chemotherapy care package can go a long way in providing comfort to your loved one. Continue reading for thoughtful things to include in your next care package.

What to Include In Your Chemotherapy Care Package

Chemo care packages are highly personal when you hand pick each item. This shows your loved ones that you took the time to pick out items specifically for them and their needs.

Here is a guide on what you can include in your care pack, broken down into gifts for entertainment, comfort, relaxation, and some practical gifts they would use nearly every day.

Gifts For Entertainment

Treatment days can be long and exhausting. These gifts can help your loved one pass the time.

  • Coloring Books/Pencils

Coloring books aren’t just for kids; there is a huge market for adult coloring books. Coloring is a calming activity. A lot of adult coloring books are filled with beautiful patterns and hopeful quotes.

To complete this gift, include a nice set of colored pencils.

  • Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time during treatment. They can be done alone or with visitors. Choose a pretty scenic puzzle to help distract them from treatment.

  • Books/Audiobooks

Staring at a screen watching TV or scrolling through social media gets old. Gift them an interesting book to read during sessions.

If they aren’t feeling up to concentrating on reading the book, gift them an audiobook they can easily listen to with their eyes closed.

  • Magazines

Magazines are perfect for mindless reading. Stick a magazine tailored to their interests, like celebrity gossip or cooking, into their care package.

  • Journal

Battling cancer is emotionally straining. A journal would be a thoughtful gift for them to write down how they are feeling.

Gifts To Wear

Comfort is essential for treatment days. Help your loved one out by gifting something comfortable for them to wear during treatment.

  • Pajamas/Sweatsuits

Matching pajamas or sweatsuit sets make wonderful gifts for loved ones battling cancer. Consider buying luxury athleisure so they can sit through treatment comfortable and in-style, boosting their confidence.

  • Fuzzy Socks/Slippers

Many chemo patients feel cold during and after treatment. Help warm up their feet with a pair of warm, fuzzy socks or slippers.

  • New, Reusable Face Mask

Chemotherapy weakens the immune system, so a new face mask would be a practical addition to your chemo care package. This company sells comfortable, reusable face masks in an array of different colors.

Gifts for Relaxation

Cancer treatment is emotionally taxing. Here are some ideas of gifts to include to promote relaxation before, during, and after treatment.

  • Essential Oils

Essential Oils help ease some of the symptoms of cancer and treatment. Oils are applied to the skin topical or inhaled either directly or through a defuser. Rosemary, peppermint, and lavender are all fantastic choices for alleviating cancer and chemo side effects.

  • Neck Pillow/Eye Mask/Ear Plugs

Naps are essential when dealing with the fatigue that comes with cancer and chemo. However, the sounds and bright lights of the hospital don’t create ideal sleeping conditions. Help out by gifting an eye mask, neck pillow, or earplugs to make quick naps easier.

  • Blanket

Like mentioned before, chemotherapy can cause neuropathy. Pick out a warm blanket for your loved one to comfort them and warm them up during treatments. If you knit or crochet, craft a homemade blanket for them.

Practical Gifts

Don’t overlook the simple gifts. Here are some thoughtful, practical gifts that your loved one battling cancer will frequently use.

  • Lotions

One of the side effects of treatment is dry skin. For your care package, pick out a nourishing, unscented lotion to relieve dry hands and skin.

  • Lip-Balm

To go along with the lotion, including a lip balm in your kit. Go for an unflavored and ultra-hydrating product, so they don’t have to keep reapplying throughout their treatment.

Hand Sanitizers

Chemo lowers the body’s immune system, so those undergoing treatment need to be extra proactive about staying clean. Include an unscented and moisturizing hand sanitizer that they will reach for throughout their day.

  • Reusable Water Bottle

Those in cancer treatment are at higher risk of dehydration due to side effects like vomiting and the overall drying nature of chemo. More so, their appetite (including their thirst) might be off. Encourage them to drink more water during the day by getting them a reusable water bottle that suits their style and is easy to drink out of.

  • Easy Snacks

Your loved ones might not have much of an appetite, but they still need to eat. Pack easy, nutritional snacks like crackers, dried fruit, and nut butter.

  • Decaf Herbal Teas

After a while, they might get sick of water. Keep them hydrated by including a few decaf herbal teas they can sip on while receiving treatment.

Packing Your Chemotherapy Care Package

Gifting any combination of the above items will brighten your loved one’s day. To make your chemotherapy care package extra special, include a card or handwritten note.

Your care package and words of love will give them a boost of encouragement they need to get through treatment. Moreover, your gift is a reminder that they don’t have to go through this alone.

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How to Create a Thoughtful Chemotherapy Care Package

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