Chernobyl Tour: Why Do Thousands Of People Come Here Every Year?

Chernobyl Tour

Nuclear weapons are among the most destructive of all those that exist today. An excellent proof of this is the accident at the Chernobyl power plant. Even though the tragedy happened more than 35 years ago, the territory remains unsuitable for human life. A Chernobyl tour allows you to surprise the consequences of the disaster, visit a place that is unlike anything on the planet, and learn more about your capabilities.

What awaits you on the Chernobyl tour?

Tour to Chernobyl Zone is very popular with travelers today. This is one of the most visited tourist locations in Ukraine. People are interested in this place because it has a unique atmosphere that allows you to see how the world will look after humanity has completely disappeared.  The locations are very similar to the post-apocalypse from Hollywood films.

After the explosion at the power plant, all residents of the city of Pripyat and surrounding villages were evacuated. They were allowed to take only the most necessary things, so there are a lot of household items left in the city, which have been preserved since 1986. At that time, Ukraine was part of the USSR, so there are a lot of communist symbols and posters here. Among the main attractions:

  • the main street of Pripyat;
  • school;
  • swimming pool “Azure”;
  • reactor;
  • amusement park.

Tour Chernobyl is a kind of travel in time that allows you to travel back 35 years and appreciate the spirit of that era. Unfortunately, most of the buildings in this area were attacked by marauders, who took away almost everything from here except the large furniture.

Another point that attracts tourists is the flora and fauna of this region. There is an opinion that due to the huge dose of radiation, mutations have occurred in many living organisms. This is not the case. Because a person has almost completely left this territory, the animals began to feel freer, they walked around the city with pleasure. When asked how Chernobyl sounds, many who visited the Ukraine Chernobyl tour answer – as usual forest. Indeed, the variety of animals and birds is mesmerizing here.

Chernobyl tour prices

The Chernobyl tour cost depends on how much time you can spend in the Exclusion Zone and what locations you want to see.

Tours here last 1 – 2 days and involve a visit to the Pripyat city, some of the surrounding villages, as well as the reactor itself. If you wish, you can order an individual tour, in which case you can indicate to yourself which attractions you want to visit.

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Chernobyl Tour: Why Do Thousands Of People Come Here Every Year?

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