Chicago Bulls Logo PNG

The Chicago Bulls have a distinctive logo that has become synonymous with the sport of basketball. Using a crimson color, the head of the angry bull has a red frown and flared nostrils. The name of the team is written in black letters over the bull’s head in bold, wide serif type. The bull’s horns are massive and are covered in blood. The logo also features the team’s official colors, white and black.

The Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team that competes in the NBA. The team represents the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. The Chicago Bulls were established in the late 1940s and played their first season in 1967. The team’s current home arena is the United Center. The team’s branding is credited to two people: Dean Wessel and Ted Drake. These two men helped to shape the logo that you see today.

The Chicago Bulls logo was first used in 1966, when the team’s founder, Dick Klein, commissioned Wessel to design it. Wessel was paid with free tickets to a Chicago Bulls game but never received any royalties. This is the only NBA logo that dates back to 1966. The logo features a red bull with a ferocious gaze, blood stained horns, and a formidable muzzle.

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Chicago Bulls Logo PNG
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