Chinese Crested Dog Painting

Whether you’d like a unique gift for yourself or a friend, a Chinese crested dog painting is an excellent gift idea. It can be custom-made to reflect your pet’s unique personality. These paintings are typically handcrafted over a wooden frame. They will bring fun and personality to your home. To create a truly unique piece, you can choose to use an image or an abstract mosaic background.

For decorating your home, you can choose from a variety high-quality, framed or unframed Chinese Crested Dog paintings. These beautiful artworks are also available ready-to-hang. They make a great choice for decorating a dorm room, home office or apartment. These fine art prints can also be purchased in gallery-quality framed photographic or metal prints. You can find a Chinese crested dog painting of any size you’d like, from small to large.

Chinese Crested dogs were once used as rats in ships and in agricultural settings. They were also useful during plagues. These dogs can still be found in many ports around the globe today. Chinese Cresteds are also known as Chinese Ship Dogs, Royal Hairless, and Chinese Hairless dogs. These dogs were originally bred to be able to rattle aboard ships. In the 18th century, Europeans began documenting them in paintings.

Although Chinese Crested dogs are friendly, they do not like strangers. They prefer to be with their pack. If left alone, they can be very aggressive and may bite. Dog kindergarten classes are a great way to socialize your Crested. Be sure to invite visitors frequently and take them to parks where the dog community is active. These dogs are loyal to their owners and can be very low-to-nonshed.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your Crested. Crate training will help your dog to understand the confinement he will experience while boarding or being hospitalized. Crate training should begin early so that your Crested can learn to accept confinement. Just make sure not to put him in a crate for the entire day! It is not fair for your Chinese Crested dog spend the entire day in a kennel.

Chinese Crested Dog Painting
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