Chonky Doggo

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The term “Chonky”, which was first used in the 2000s in various contexts on Social Media, has seen a surge in popularity, particularly among black Internet slang users. The spelling and pronunciation of chonky give it a unique dialect. The term originated in animal pictures posted online by @chonkyanimals, which were a hilarious and adoring way to show off cute chubby animals. Chonky was added to DoggoLingo in August 2018. It appeared on a chart which swapped weights with the term.

A chonky doggo’s personality, size, and shape are what define it. They can be male or female and make a cute howling sound. Their cluck is a pre-bark, which can be a cause for concern in human beings. The doggo barks at mail carriers, squirrels, and vacuum cleaners during the borking act. These adorable canines, despite their size, are easy to train and make great companions.

Chonky Doggo
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