Cincinnati Bengals Kicker – “Money Mac” and “Shooter McPherson”

Cincinnati is on its way to its first Super Bowl appearance since 1989. The Bengals defense outscored the Chiefs’ offense 17-3 during the second half. Shooter McPherson scored the game-winning field goal. His success has helped Cincinnati’s stock, and the team is likely finish the postseason with a record of 9-3.

Kicker Evan McPherson is better known by his nicknames, “Money Mac” and “Shooter McPherson”. His success has spawned a trend of fans naming shirts after themselves: he’s eight for eight on field goals in the playoffs, a streak he began last year. His success is so impressive that he’s even filed a trademark for the moniker “Money Mac.”

McPherson was the No.1 recruit in the 247Sports Composite rankings. McPherson was the No. 1 kicker in 2018. His college career began on a high note. He kicked the Chiefs’ opening kick on “Thursday Night Football” as well as the game-winning field goal of 20 yards with time running out. Despite the low expectations, his success has been nothing short of miraculous.

Cincinnati Bengals Kicker – “Money Mac” and “Shooter McPherson”
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