Clean Custom Rigid Box Packaging

Clean Custom Rigid Box Packaging

In a world where cosmetic and beauty products remain largely unregulated, buyers are reluctant to use every other product because they may contain harmful ingredients. In general, people want products without toxic ingredients, something they can trust. As a result, there is a persistent demand for clean beauty products today. These products are free of harmful components and considered safe for use.

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But how can a customer instantly tell that they are looking at a clean beauty product? Enter custom rigid box packaging. The adequate packaging option has the potential to tempt customers and send them a message that clearly communicates your brand values.

Here is how the following clean custom rigid boxes designs can draw your target customers:

Sustainable Custom Rigid Box Packaging

Consumers across all industries appreciate sustainable packaging and products, and the beauty industry is not an exception. As a matter of fact, sustainability and clean beauty run in parallel.

While people are keen to use products that have non-toxic ingredients that don’t harm their skin, they also prefer to buy products that come in eco-friendly packaging so their materials cannot harm the environment we all live in. Moreover, a sustainable packaging solution that is made out of greener materials will imply the product itself is also clean.

The best thing about using environmentally friendly custom rigid box packaging is they use less materials and sustainable substrates. For example, they use recyclable materials that have gained a PEFC certification. Furthermore, you can use sustainable printing techniques like hot and cold foil stamping to add decorative touches to your custom rigid boxes wholesale supply.

Minimalistic Packaging Design

Clean beauty products focus on using safe ingredients. To convey this message, your custom rigid boxes should project the simplicity of the product. And what could be a better way to reflect that than embracing a minimalist packaging design.

There are countless benefits of using minimalist product packaging. For starters, the design is simple yet appealing. Since it’s not too overwhelming for the eyes, customers instantly get attracted to them. Additionally, a minimalist design makes it easy for onlookers to absorb the information printed on them, such as the list of ingredients or instructions to use the product. This is crucial to winning new customers because people who prefer clean beauty items value knowing what they are getting against their money.

Experiential Packaging Solution

While sustainable and minimalistic designs have become one of the leading clean beauty trends, another trend that is quickly emerging through the ranks is experiential packing. A clean beauty box with an eye-pleasing design and tactile features can successfully grab customers’ attention and garner views on YouTube and social media as well. This kind of custom rigid box packaging provides new businesses with an enthralling platform to make a mark for themselves in the beauty industry by distinguishing their products from the immediate competition.

When you leverage experiential packaging, it helps you create tactile experiences with the help of elements like embossing, debossing, soft-touch coatings, or grit effects. You can also use visual experiences by adding glitter coatings, glow in the dark effects, and more. The UK time


Now that you have learned a lot about clean packaging solutions, are you ready to create your own? If it’s a yes, connect with one of the packaging experts at The Legacy Printing to chart your way forward to create a memorable custom rigid box packaging that will persuade customers to make the purchase. However, if you have the means and skills to do it all by yourself, there is nothing better than that.

Clean Custom Rigid Box Packaging

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