Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2021
I guess you’re on this page because you really want to make money online, probably you’ve heard that your friends are making it big online and you want to do the same.
To you, failure is not an option so you really want to make it in 2021.
So many of the world’s billionaires have one or two online businesses at least we all know the famous Mark Zuckerberg.
If the statement above is your reason then you’re on the right page. In the previous years, making money online have been quite difficult because there are so many platforms and 60% are fake so you may not know which to join and how to go about it but in this post I will state clearly how to make money online in 2021.
  • Start up a blog
  • Forex Trading
  • Join Fiverr
  • Create a YouTube Channel

Start Up a Blog

This is a very nice way to make money online in 2021 and when done nicely, you can also use it as your full-time hustle. Anyone who starts up a blog and puts in his or her best to it and follow Google ranking updates will never fail. Some bloggers fail because they don’t really do what they are supposed to do when blogging.
Most bloggers make 7 figures yearly while some make 4 figures, it all depends on hard work and the efforts you put into your blog that determines how much that blog can generate for you.
To be honest with you, many people blog to make money that’s why you see so many websites on the web so you can be one of them all it takes is determination and consistency.
I’ll list some platforms where you can start up a blog:
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Weebly
These listed platforms are the best for blogging and they are free all you have to do is to purchase and domain name and host you site then you’re good to go.
After starting up a blog and publishing contents, it doesn’t end there, you’ll also have to promote your blog and drive traffic to it in other to place ads on your site.
Bloggers earn by placing ads, affiliate marketing, selling of eBooks and so many others.


According to Google trends, the popularity of AliExpress dropshipping is growing rapidly. It has been the most popular way to make money online in 2021.  However, most of you may confuse what dropshipping is: Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products in your store but your suppliers’ store, pack and ship the products to your customers on your behalf.
When doing dropshipping, the most complicated task is order management. Thus, you’d better access a dropshipping solution to solve the problem. With DSers dropshipping, you can find better suppliers easily, place orders in bulk, and synchronize the stock of your suppliers automatically. Moreover, if you are dropshipping on multiple channels, you can manage your store in one DSers dashboard.
Starting dropshipping is profitable and risk-free, but you still need dropshipping tips and steps. Therefore, you can visit DSers blog to get solutions.

Forex Trading

What is Forex Trading?
Forex Trading means Foreign exchange Trading. This is where you trade other currencies to make profits when the value of the currency increases.
Most people learn Forex Trading for years and after that, they become experts and trade with caution.
You really need to meet such people and either make them your friend or pay them for trading signals.
Forex trading is a sure way but you have to learn how to trade or you buy trading signals from experts.
My brother and his friends have been into Forex for some time now and they are making it big and he knows a lot about Forex now because he started in 2018.
Forex can make you wealthy and Forex can also make you poor lol.
To avoid spending your money trading, all you have to do is to meet a Forex expert or learn how to trade.
Apps you can use to trade in Forex are:
  • Expert option
  • Meta Trader 4
  • IQ Option
When you sign up into most of these apps, they give you a demo amount of money for you to place your trades and see how good you are. The demo money they’ll give to you cannot be withdrawn, you just use it to test your trading abilities.

Join Fiverr

Fiverr is an online platform where you can display your skills to registered members on the platform and get paid for it.
On Fiverr, you can meet professionals in different areas of specialization who will help you with things you cannot do and then you’ll pay them for their services.
If you know how to create a blog, graphic designing, website building and designing, content publishing, blog coaching or whatever skill you got then it’s time to create a business account on Fiverr.
When you create this account, you don’t have to leave it, you also have to promote this account on all your social media handles so that people can come across it and then call and pay you for your services. On this platform once you sign up and state your skill, you will also have to put the amount of money you charge.
On this platform, you can’t be scammed because your client will pay to a Fiverr admin and then the admin will pay you directly.
This is a nice website which has been active for at least two years now.
Now you know about this platform, it’s high time you seize the opportunity and make the best out of your skill and 2021.

Create a YouTube Channel

I know you might be asking how Youtubers make money from their YouTube channel?
Now the answer to this question is that they make money by placing ads on their YouTube channel.
This particular one is not for everyone, it’s for people who have talents and who are creative, it could be dancing, making people laugh (comedians), coaching, singing (artists), etc.
We all know that YouTube is a media channel that deals which watching of videos. If you can make catchy videos that can drive lots of viewers to your YouTube channel then it’s time to start a YouTube channel.
When you drive a lot of traffic to your videos, you can now apply for Google ads and when it has been confirmed by Google you will start making a lot of money from your YouTube channel.


In all the points I listed above, the best are starting up a blog and Forex Trading because they I know a lot of Forex traders who’re making it today with only paying for Forex trading signals.
Do well to be careful so that you won’t send your hard earned money to scammers that’s why I listed some trusted apps for you to use or like I said meet experts.
Check out our rest of the site for more helpful articles.
Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

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