Cleaning Your Bathroom 101 

Cleaning Your Bathroom 101 


Did you know that your bathroom can contain tons of bacteria? From your shower curtain to your toothbrush handle, we don’t often know what kind and how much bacteria has settled on our essential items. That is why it is incredibly important to deep clean our bathrooms now and then. Not only will it help to get rid of existing bacteria, but it can also help to prevent future bacteria accumulation and address any problem areas. This way, not only will your bathrooms look and smell great, they will actually be clean even beyond the naked eye. If you wish to be free of any harmful bacteria harboring in your bathroom, find out more through our step-by-step guide when it comes to deep cleaning. Alternatively, you can also check out victoria Plum for more bathroom cleaning tips!

Clear all clutter

The first step to cleaning anything is to remove any forms of clutter. From bottles on the counter to mats on the floor, rid any surfaces of objects so that you can get a look at all that dirt and grim. While doing so, you can also toss your bathroom mats into the washing machine for double the efficiency. Just make sure to check the directions on the tag first! Likewise, any towels and cloths are to be washed too. 

Once you have cleared the relevant surfaces, get a microfiber cloth and spray it with an anti-bacterial product. If you don’t have this option, you can also go for homemade distilled white vinegar, which is not only natural but also highly effective in getting rid of bacteria. Gently wipe down all the items that you’ve just cleared, from shampoo bottles to make-up containers. Once each item is done, set them somewhere to dry. Not only does this help to organize everything, but it can also help you keep track of the items that you’ve already cleaned. Don’t forget to allow for air circulation when cleaning, either through opening your window or bringing in a fan into the bathroom.

Cleaning Your Bathroom 101 

Vacuum everything

While your first instinct might be to wipe down the counters with the cloth, we recommend vacuuming it first for any hair or dust lying around. This is important because it helps to create a blank canvas for you to scrub later on. We don’t want tons of dirt sticking onto our microfiber cloths now, do we? 

Attach the hose to your vacuum cleaner and start by vacuuming the floor. Make sure to clean up all the corners, behind areas and also in the general space of your bathroom. Some places that you might want to look out for are behind your counters or the toilet seat, and even under your vanity. Once you are done, remember to wipe down the hose before keeping the vacuum. 

Wipe down surfaces

When it comes to deep cleaning your bathroom, every corner counts. Make sure to scrub down all surfaces, obvious and hidden, with your microfiber cloth and a general amount of disinfecting spray. You can also use wipes for this process if you find it easier than using a cloth. Make sure to scrub any frequent touchpoints such as the door handle and faucet knobs. Basically, anything that you come into contact with needs a thorough scrub down. 

Clean the shower

While it might seem like a huge task, cleaning the shower is essential to a proper deep clean session. Make sure you wet the floors and walls of your shower first to make it easier to scrub. This time, add on a grout cleaning product or any type of effective homemade solution. The best way to start the cleaning process is to wipe it onto every surface that needs cleaning and then waiting for the product to activate. This roughly takes about 10 minutes. Once you’re done waiting, grab an abrasive sponge and start scrubbing everything down. You might need a bit of strength to pick at all the mildew. There might also be some rust stains that are just calling for attention too. 

Once you have finished scrubbing down everything, shower all the dirt and cleaning product down. If your shower is made of unique materials such as stone, you might want to use a cleaning product that is specifically made for the material. This is to avoid any kind of damage while cleaning as commercial cleaning products may contain ingredients that can cause more harm than help. 

Just like your towels and mats, you can also toss your shower curtains into the washing machine while cleaning the bathroom. If you spot any mould or mildew, don’t be afraid to add some baking soda or bleach into the machine as well. 

Cleaning Your Bathroom 101 

Clean the toilet bowl

We recommend starting with the bowl first by using a toilet cleaner and a scrub brush. After you’ve finished scrubbing, leave it inside the bowl for about 15 minutes before you flush. This is to make sure that the product has time to take effect on all the bacteria gathered in the bowl. 

We will be using disinfectant spray again to sanitize the other surfaces of the toilet bowl. One good homemade recipe that we have consists of three cups of water and half a cup of white vinegar. It works like a charm, we promise. Make sure to pay attention to the flush handle and areas where you might grab to lift the toilet seat. Spray the rim of the bowl generously and clean any other areas. 

Don’t forget to deep clean your floors

Just like swiping down a wall or counter-top surface, the next thing you want to do is mop the floor. Once you are done, we recommend turning on some hot water and closing the window. Let the steam stay in the bathroom for a few minutes. 


There is nothing more comfortable and satisfying than having a squeaky clean bathroom that not only looks and smells clean but is also actually free of all that harmful bacteria. Now you can spend your time in the bathroom worry-free and feeling clean.

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Cleaning Your Bathroom 101 

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