Clover POS Systems Are Efficient For All Business Needs 

Clover POS Systems

You will need a point-of-sale or POS system that can handle all your credit card processing needs fast. You’ve got dozens or even hundreds of customers to serve on an average day. You don’t want your POS setup to struggle to collect everyone’s data. You also need extra help in controlling your POS experience to ensure you’re collecting everything you want to manage the right way while keeping everyone’s data safe.

You can use Clover POS systems to collect payments and process transactions in moments. Clover is at the forefront of merchant services technology, as the company makes high-end POS stations that can process credit card transactions without delay. You can trust one of these systems when you need to manage your payment data and get everything running soon.

More Connection Choices

Clover POS systems are popular for how they can handle multiple connections. They can collect contactless payments alongside magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards. But they can also manage Ethernet and Bluetooth connections. These links help manage transactions and can get the money moving in your account faster than you might anticipate.

Bluetooth links are critical for facilitating wireless payments, including ones that use NFC systems. An Ethernet link is also vital for keeping your POS station online with the rest of your network. You can securely send data through a PCI-compliant network and also update your accounting program in real-time if you have one.

Backups Are Necessary

What would happen if a power outage happens at your workplace? You don’t want to lose whatever data you’ve been collecting. You especially don’t want to lose power right in the middle of a transaction. Clover POS systems use backup battery power sources to stay online even when there’s a power or connection outage.

Clover’s backup system works well with other backup setups you might use in your workplace. These include backup connections for power sources and databases where you secure card payment data. You can use various backups as long as they meet PCI compliance standards. Clover’s backup setup is a part of what works here.

Faster Processing

Clover’s systems also process merchant services activities faster than most other POS solutions. You can use a POS station that runs on several gigabytes of memory to handle more applications at once, which can make a difference when handling a high-quality system.

Clover also uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processors in its credit card processing setups. The Snapdragon processor line is popular for offering a longer battery life, stable speeds, and better power efficiency. It keeps your setups running, plus the Snapdragon line is flexible enough to work in multiple devices.

Security Features Galore

Clover also provides support for many security features. It works with PCI compliance standards by producing software programs that will stay online and remain operational at all times.

Clover stations can feature optional fingerprint scanners. These features use biometrics to review who is accessing a station. You can record fingerprint data from whichever employees will have permission to access a POS station. They can then display those prints on the proper scanner feature.

You can also use two-way verification for access to select parts of your Clover system. Two-way verification is especially useful when confirming people who haven’t been online in a while or are trying to access your system from remote locations.

How Does the Screen Work?

A POS system needs a screen everyone can read and review. Clover produces POS screens that feature all the needs employees and customers have. Clover makes touch screens with swivel heads that can be positioned at many angles. These screens are also large enough to handle more control needs. An average Clover station features a fourteen-inch touchscreen display.

The screen can link with a separate smaller customer-facing display. The screen can feature a customized design setup and feature a hardware port where someone can swipe or insert a payment card.

Clover POS systems are flexible and useful for whatever credit card processing plans you hold. Check around to see what Clover solutions fit your needs. You may find it is easier for you to manage payments than what you might expect from a system that collects card data.

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Clover POS Systems Are Efficient For All Business Needs 

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