The 8 Common Hurdles Faced by Budding Entrepreneurs and How to Overcome Them

The 8 Common Hurdles Faced by Budding Entrepreneurs and How to Overcome Them

It is not simple to start a business. It requires a great deal of devotion, perseverance, and hard work. But there is good news. Being an entrepreneur also comes with a slew of benefits. 

With that stated, budding businesses confront a variety of problems regularly. In today’s blog, we will share the 8 most significant hurdles faced by all emerging entrepreneurs and how you can smartly deal with difficult situations and bag your win! 

The 8 Common Start-Up Challenges & Ways to Overcoming Them

Here go the 8 issues that you will most certainly encounter as a new biz owner (along with some easy ways to handle them): 

  • Selecting The Right Product/ Service to Sell

Choosing the exemplary product/ service is the most crucial step for any business to succeed. If this choice has glitches, the business will inevitably fail, no matter how well-knit the structure is. 

Every entrepreneur must have a crystal-clear idea about the followings:

  • The market they are catering to.
  • The consumption pattern of its target market.
  • The performance of competitive brands, their strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Strategic advantages and opportunities they can leverage to beat the competition.
  • The size of the target market will determine the scope of business expansion in the future.

1. Overcoming Hurdle 1: Self Analysis & Vigorous Research

Diligent and dedicated research is the full proof way to success. You can answer all the questions mentioned above and prepare a detailed workflow with valuable primary and secondary research works. This research will also increase the start-up’s potential to attract investors. 

The plan laid down by the research must be practical and actionable, not vague or overly ambitious. Self-assessment is essential here. A good personality test for an entrepreneur can help aspiring bosses discover their qualities. Without the suitable skillset and strength to execute a plan, even an excellent product idea can go down the drain. 

  • Marketing & Conversion

Unless your target market knows you, they won’t buy from you. In Cardone’s words – not want but can’t buy from you. 

However, building a brand from scratch is extremely difficult and demands a lot of money. The money spent in marketing does not yield an immediate return. A cost-effective solution is often nowhere to be found in new businesses.

2. Overcoming Hurdle 2: Tests and Trials

Budget your expenses, and try out multiple platforms to find out what works the best to get you the most bang. Social media platforms in 2022 can give you a skyrocketing conversion if used right. 

  • Recruiting the Right Talent

Assessing what your business needs are crucial. Hiring help is the only way to expand and scale any business. However, hiring the right people who can give you the best return becomes extremely difficult, and often new businesses fail to do so.

3. Overcoming Hurdle 3: Focus

Make a checkbox list of all the attributes you seek from your employee. Consulting head-hunters can be helpful.

  • Delegation of Authority

Hiring people is useless unless the boss delegates the authority with responsibility. The temptation to make every little decision for your firm on your own can prove to be unhealthy for growth. 

4. Overcoming Hurdle 4: Developing Trust

Introduce rewards on accomplishing benchmarks. Pass on some authority to the people responsible for performing a particular job. Micromanagement is never an ideal practice. 

  • Time Management

Time is the most limited resource of an entrepreneur. Avoid spending time on a task that a team member can do. A successful entrepreneur focuses on the bigger picture and directs the company for expansion and growth.

5. Overcoming Hurdle 5: Organization

Trust the team members, and plan a workflow for yourself and the team in advance to avoid confusion. This factor will also help stay focused on what matters more to the organization. 

  • Working Capital Management

A consistent revenue must cover the payrolls and all overhead. Hire a cost accountant to ensure the smooth functioning of the business with proper working capital management. 

Paying your employees late and losing out on opportunities due to the funds shortage is undesirable.

6. Overcoming Hurdle 6: Budgeting

Efficient bookkeeping and modern accounting software are the most accessible solutions to this problem. Always consult accounting professionals for perfect guidance. 

  • Arranging Capital

Arranging finance is the first problem that arises at the dawn of execution. Capital is the blood of all businesses. Without healthy financial backup, the business will be doomed before completing a financial year.

7. Overcoming Hurdle 7: Resourcefulness

Marketing your company to investors is as important as marketing your products to your target customers. Always consider safe fund sources to avoid the odds of things going south due to legal issues. 

  • Channelizing Confidence

Battling self-doubts and projecting confidence through all adversities can be highly challenging. Many entrepreneurs quit at this juncture.

8. Overcoming Hurdle 8: Self Belief and Vision

Bid farewell to your imposter syndrome with a scientific psychometric test. Such assessments help entrepreneurs realize their potential and help in self-improvement.


Whether you plan to venture on a solopreneurship, infopreneurship, or aspiring to be an upcoming entrepreneur, your way to success will always be paved with challenges and adversities. 

If you have chosen your destiny and are ready to be your boss, you must be prepared to shield yourself through every difficulty that comes your way.

Take a profile test and start working on your dreams right away!

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The 8 Common Hurdles Faced by Budding Entrepreneurs and How to Overcome Them

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