Corrupted Gladiator Yrsa New World Fixes

corrupted gladiator yrsa new world

There are now some fixes for Corrupted Gladiator Yrsa, including fixes for certain areas. For example, the Cathedral, Arsenal, and Library wing courtyards no longer have portal errors. The door to the Talon King Ikiss’s room should also open smoothly. A bug in the Crystal Shard-spawning system was also fixed. It was causing performance issues.

Many spells now do more damage. Vengeance of VanCleef stacks up to 40 time, and Vanessa will start casting it as soon as her charges are detonated. Impaling Slam will make Faceless Corruptors move 10% slower and players can still use spells. Anraphet’s Nemesis Strike now deals 75% more damage than a weapon.

Corrupted Gladiator Yrsa New World Fixes
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