Let’s Get Crafty: Essential Knitting Supplies for Beginner Knitters

Knitting Supplies

Did you know that the online following of knitting has increased by 50% since the start of 2021? That’s a lot of beginners looking for new knitting supplies.

Are you one of these beginners looking for essential knitting supplies to get you started? Keep reading, and we will cover a range of the vital tools you will need. We will also throw in a few knitting tips for beginners along the way.

Knitting Needles

Knitting needles is one of the essential knitting supplies, if not the most essential. Without knitting needles, you cannot knit. It’s like sending someone fishing without a rod.

You can buy knitting needles of all sizes. Quick tip, buying needles sized between 6 and 8 is a perfect starting place for beginners.

Knitting Yarn

Knitting yarn is part two of your basic knitting supplies. If you have knitting needles and no yarn, you won’t get very far.

Yet, you may venture to your local yarn store and panic. There is an extensive range of different types of yarn available to you. Quick tip, search out superwash wool blends.

This type of yarn is perfect for beginners. You have a vast range of colors to use, and it’s known for its ease of knitting.

Knitting Supplies Bag

A key supply for all those knitting for beginners kits is a knitting bag. All these new supplies will need somewhere to be stored safely.

Supply bags are also a great place to store any projects that are being worked on. Don’t risk a pet finding that new scarf that you have spent a lot of time worked.

Or, you may want to hide it from those prying eyes. Do you want to keep your projects secret until you are ready for the big reveal? Quick tip, create the suspense by hiding it away in your supply bag.

A Tapestry Needle

Once you have completed your first project, you will have two loose ends. These ends are the result of casting on and off. If you don’t understand these terms yet, don’t worry, you will in time.

Tapestry needles are a great way of tying off these loose ends. You don’t necessarily need this item, but it will definitely be worth getting.

Quick tip, it doesn’t have to be an overly expensive needle. The cheap ones work too.

Knitting Scissors

Most of us will have a pair of house scissors in the kitchen draw. Knitting scissors are a smaller version.

Knitting scissors are perfect to be stored within your kit bag. But, they are also great at cutting your yarn once you have finished your project.

Join the Close Knit Knitting Family

Now you know what knitting supplies you should invest in.

Pick up a knitting bag. Buy your needles. Buy some yarn and start a new project.

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Let’s Get Crafty: Essential Knitting Supplies for Beginner Knitters

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