Credit Cards That Fit Your Needs

Credit Cards

When it comes to the best cards for your needs, you have many options. The trick is finding a card that offers rewards, terms, and services in line with what you need. Below are some resources to find out which type of credit card could provide you with the most benefits, all while fitting well into your financial situation.

Finding the Credit Card Best Suited for Your Needs

Points Rewards Card

Suppose you are looking to earn points when shopping, this type of card could be the best fit. You can use the points in various ways, depending on the issuer. For example, you may be able to redeem points at your favorite retailers, book travels through their partners, or even trade these points in for gift cards.

Balance Transfer Rewards Card

This card is perfect for paying down high-interest debt. You can transfer high-interest debt to a new card with better terms with a balance transfer. Most cards have a promotional period of 0% APR which means no interest for a set amount of time. It’s so you can pay off your debt without being charged exorbitant amounts on the transferred balance. According to experts at SoFi, “It pays off to pay on time.” However, it is essential to find a lower APR card after the promotional period ends. You will end up facing high-interest rates on your debt again.

Travel Rewards Card

If you frequently travel for business and pleasure, this type of card could be best for you. The best travel cards typically offer users bonus points for spending at certain retailers. You can use these points to travel through the issuer’s website or transfer to one of their partners (such as United Airlines or American Airlines). If you want to accumulate miles towards free airfare, then a credit card with airline rewards may work best for you.

Cashback Rewards Card

A cashback card is an excellent choice for those looking to earn points on every purchase. With this type of card, you will accumulate rewards that can be used towards other purchases or just received as a statement credit. Although most cards offer 1% or more in cash-back earnings, some offer as much as 5% back on specific purchases.

Popular Credit Cards

There are many popular cards available to consumers, which you can see below. This list covers the types of credit cards that are available and what they have to offer:

Chase Freedom

This card has an introductory APR of 0% for 15 months, and there is no annual fee.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday

This card offers a 0% APR for 15 months on balance transfers and purchases.

Capital One Venture Rewards

This card offers a non- introductory APR of 0% for 12 months, and there is no annual fee.

So, now that you know what type of credit card best suits your needs, you can start filling out an application for the same.

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Credit Cards That Fit Your Needs

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