Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes Ideas

Darkest Dungeon Quotes

Additionally Here’s Really a Set of Exactly What I’ve written down Thus Much; a Few Of them may be wrong, but should you learn something very wrong then remember to don’t hesitate to improve them thank you in progress:

Darkest Dungeon Quotes

This record Comprises the quotes mentioned with the voice celebrity Wayne June to its match Darkest Dungeon. All rights book for Red Hook Studios, both the founder and founder of Darkest Dungeon.


  • The moment our real estate has been the jealousy of the property.
  • I recall days as Soon as the sun shone, and bliss Might Be Heard in your tavern.
  • I had been the god of the location, prior to the crows and rats left it Their own domain name.
  • I visit something absent from the submerged faces of Passer-by — that the glimmer of trust.
  • Actually, I Can’t tell just how long has passed because I now delivered This letter.
  • The Inadequate Care-taker, I dread his extended-standing obligation here’s Affected him.
  • My obsession made this Amazing foulness, also It’s black I ought to trust you personally to place it correctly.
  • Our household name so Well-regarded is currently hardly siphoned Aloud by acceptable folks.
  • I will still view their mad faces since they stormed the manor. However, that I had been dead detected until I identified me personally, and also the correspondence was in its own manner.
  • There Is a Huge terror Underneath the Manor also vented chaos That should be crushed.


  • Still another spirit broken and weathered, throw aside Enjoy an inverted torch.
  • People without tummy to this particular place has to go ahead.
  • Send you to travel anyplace, for we’ve desire of Sterner inventory exchange.


  • Bountyhunter: The excitement of the search… that the guarantee of Cost.
  • Crusader: The most powerful sword anchored with a sacred goal — also a zealous warrior.
  • Grave Robber: For Those Who Have attention, golden gleams just like a Dagger’s stage.
  • Hellion: Barbaric anger and unrelenting savagery create to get a Powerful ally.
  • Highwayman: Illusive. Evasive. Continuous. Righteous Faculties For a woman.
  • Jester: He also is going to undoubtedly be laughing … by the ending result.
  • Leper: ” This man knows that hardship and presence… Are you and exactly the exact same.
  • Occultist: To battle the abyss… a single has to learn that it.
  • Plague Medical Doctor: Exactly what greater lab than the usual Blood-soaked Battlefield?
  • Vestal: A sister of conflict… pious and unrelenting.

Updating Construction: Abbey

  • Just a small expectation, yet distressed is not without well worth.
  • Gilded icons along with dogmatic rituals… to get a few, a tonic contrary to The bloodshed.
  • A person in a gown, asserting communion with all the celestial… Insanity.

Updating Construction: Blacksmiths

  • In the conclusion, every strategy depends upon a solid arm along with hardened Steel.
  • Lover the fires, mold the alloy; we all have been increasing a military.
  • A flatter sword, also a More Powerful guard — whatever to extend Soldier’s lifestyle.

Updating Construction: C AMP

  • Alone from the forests or tunnels, even survival could be exactly the exact same. Teach, continue, also overcome.
  • They Have to know Greater than barbarous Blood-letting — that they need to learn how to endure.
  • Success is dependent upon survival.

Updating Construction: Guild

  • Some can drop… however their comprehension resides.
  • Every monster has a weakness — that the Smart hero pushes to get What he can deal with.
  • A rigorous routine is overriding whether one would be to learn exactly the barbarous Arithmetic of overcoming.

Updating Construction: Nomad’s Mentor

  • Rarity and also curios… offered in again of-course.
  • Idol, amulet, or some blessed attraction. The Easiest thing may be That the talisman versus wicked.
  • A growing number of curious trinkets… accumulated from Prohibited spots.

Updating Construction: Sanatorium

  • Even the Front Line of the warfare Isn’t in exactly the dungeon, but instead In your thoughts.
  • Experimental Practices and tonics can defeat matters a Sharpened sword may perhaps not.
  • Curios approaches and devices… it composed much the many Tormented spirits.

Updating Construction: Stagecoach

  • Fantastic heroes are available here in the rain and sand.
  • Word is currently traveling — fantasy is stirring in space towns We may make use of this.
  • Much more arrive… foolishly searching for glory and fortune, within this Domain of this damned.

Updating Construction: Tavern

  • With sufficient ale, perhaps They Are Sometimes inured contrary to the Horrors under.
  • Strong beverage, a sport of opportunity, also tranquility… the dash Of a lifestyle.
  • All manner of recreation and dalliance expect these cross the Brink with a coin at your mind.

Tutorial: Very First Actions

  • Abbey: The cobwebs were dusted; the pews put directly… That the abbey requires into the loyal.
  • Fight: A ambushed! Send those vermin a Note the Whoever has come back their kind will be no longer welcome.
  • Blacksmith: The bellows blasts after more, the forge stands Ready to create weapons of warfare.
  • Curios: Go Away unchecked, There’s far to be discovered In abandoned regions.
  • Dungeon: Brigands have conduct of those lands. Stick into this sidepath, That the hamlet is ahead.
  • Grave: Many will Wind up covered at a darkened ground, Waiting patiently for oblivion.
  • Guild: Be no error; we’ll confront ever Increased danger — Our soldiers have to prepare.
  • Nomad’s Writer: Trinkets and charms, assembled by all the forgotten corners Of the ground.
  • ProVision: The price of preparedness quantified today is golden… Later in bloodstream flow.
  • Quest: A mecca of insanity and morbidity… work commences.
  • Period: Men and guys, Troopers and outlaws, fools, and also corpses. We all will locate their solution to people today how is evident.
  • Survival: In Property in crazy areas, She’s a stalwart survivor And a rigorous educator.
  • EDIT: Added a few much more beneath.


  • Even the human mind… delicate, such as for instance, a robin’s egg whites.
  • Exactly where for heroism?
  • Your mind can’t expect to defy this kind of attack.
  • The elderly walnut will collapse into the tempest’s winds.
  • Madness… our previous buddy…
  • Frustration along with fury! More damaging than the usual hundred cannons.
  • There may not be an expectation inside this hell… no expectation in the slightest.
  • Stress and frailty lastly assert their thanks.
  • Reeling, gasping! Taken within the border into insanity.
  • People who snore trauma, think it is no short supply.
  • The walls near — that the whispers of the shadows of the conspiracy.
  • Self-preservation is overriding at any given price!


  • Towering. Intense. Poor. Nightmare built fabric.
  • It really is… a travesty — a blundering mountain of love… and also Anger.
  • Twisted and maniacal — a shuddering testament into this energy Of corruption.

Critical strikes

  • Mortality explained within an only attack!
  • Passing waits… for its smallest lapse in focus.
  • How fast the tide turns.
  • Daze. Reeling. Intending to split…
  • This type of dreadful attack may not be left untreated.


  • Survival can be really a tenuous proposition… within this huge grave.
  • More bloodstream flows the dirt… feeding the wicked they truly are inside.
  • The following existence wasted at the search for gold and glory.
  • This really is not any location for your feeble or foolhardy.
  • This isn’t any location to its feeble or foolhardy.
  • Far more dirt… far more ash… longer disappointment.

Death’s Door

  • Perched in the precipice of oblivion.
  • A hair’s width from getting unwound.
  • ?? On the verge, confronting the abyss.
  • And the genuine evaluation. Hold quickly! Or perish.
  • As lifestyle expectancy, horrible vistas of emptiness show Themselves.

Fifty Percent Stats

  • Damage and despondent place the point to get heroism… or even cowardice.


  • With resources of iron that you need to Depend upon flesh, ” an Indefatigable intent.
  • The coughing rock looks bent on protecting against passing.
  • These blockages are self-indulgent — those tunnels even The first forts.
  • Naturel herself… a sufferer into the dispersing corruption malformed with misintend.

Quest Fall Short

  • A drawback, however maybe not the conclusion of stuff!
  • Wounds to become faked, courses have to be heard.
  • Re-group! Re-assemble! Evil is… timeless after-all.
  • Struggling analyzes that the alloy of brain, heart, and the human body.
  • You may suffer that this misplaced and study out of this.


  • Authentic grief is understood, just once escape is hopeless.
  • Cornered, trapped, and induce to resist on!
  • No-chance for egress, is this considered a massacre?


  • Knowing appetite sets in, turning the entire body contrary to itself, Weakening your thoughts…
  • To drop this a small matter — a snack of bread.
  • Cases of war and steel, but nary of idea contributed to this plow.
  • No drive will conquer a body that is failing.
  • Even the Demands of survival May Not be fulfilled in a vacant Stomach.


  • The shadow stays considerably worst compared to simply trickery… along with boogiemen.
  • Darkness shuts, searching for the hearts of the men.
  • Terrors can really stem those shadows, however yonder — a glint Of gold.
  • Keys and miracles Are Found at the many tenebrous Corners with the post.
  • And … the shadow retains dominion — shameful like passing.


  • Cruel machinations spring into living… using a magnificent function.
  • Curious could be your snare manufacturer’s artwork. His effectiveness is unwitnessed by His or her eyes.
  • Mechanical dangers owned by wicked aim.
  • Ambushed by filthy innovation!
  • Ancient cubes lie and wait for… Un-sprung and thirsting to get blood.


  • This afternoon… goes on the lighting.
  • Beacons from the shadow, celebrities at the emptiness of this emptiness.
  • Ahahahaha! Let people soiled beasts worship the sand today.
  • Robbed of These writhing the esophageal Will Increase increasingly more Dumb… if this kind of thing had been not possible.
  • Fantastic luck and work could nonetheless arrest this particular plague.
  • Disinfection in the Previous.

Affliction Move

  • A second of valor shines brightest Contrary to the background of Grief.

Boss Eliminate

  • Many re-animated bones may collapse. The lifeless… can perish All over again.
  • Without a dwelling, sinew to actuate them will these Strolling Bones eventually neglect?
  • Just how many rats can it choose to gnaw via a Great Deal of foul Picture?
  • The item is more dreadful than passing. Liquefaction May does not arrive quickly.
  • Go away her corpse to rust, swallowed from the spore she awakens.


  • A second of jealousy, an Opportunity to steel against the Forthcoming horrors.
  • A flicker minus kindling can be an objective minus expectation.
  • Circle from the darkened, the conflict could still be obtained.
  • Gathered near firelight, an uncomfortable companionship.
  • Huddled with each other, furtive and exposed rats at a maze.


  • A Lot more bones returned into break — devils remanded for their own abyss.
  • Room by room, hallway by hallway, we all recover what’s ours.
  • Some experiments should’ve not transpired. You Do Only work finishing them.
  • Their squeals fade, they’re very convinced will be shaken.
  • Driving corruption out is still an infinite struggle, however, one which Has to be scrapped.
  • The broker of pestilence will nonetheless be pushed out of our forests.

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Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes Ideas

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