Liberty Prime Quotes

Liberty Prime

Many of Liberty Prime Quotes give reference to’50s and’60s anti-communist slogans, designed to be specific to China.

Fallout 3
Weapons are hot. Mission: the destruction of all Chinese communists.” Audio performance evaluation initialized.
“Obstruction discovered, makeup: titanium metal supplemented by photonic resonance barrier. Probability of assignment deterrent: zero percent!”
“Chairman Cheng will neglect: China will collapse!”

Broken Steel
“Communist hazard evaluation: Minimal. Scanning defenses…”
“Structural weakness discovered. Exploiting.”
“Satellite Up-link discovered. Analysis of transmission ” Warning! All employees should reach minimum safe space instantly!”
“Duplicate: Red Chinese orbital hit inbound! Each of U.S. Army personnel must vacate the region immediately! Protection protocols participated!”

Fallout 4
“Global positioning initialized. Location – the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Birthplace of American liberty.”
“I hold these truths to be self-explanatory that Americans have been made… equal. And so are endowed with certain unalienable rights”
“Democracy is the heart of good. Communism, the definition of evil”
“Cultural database obtained. Quoting New England poet Robert Frost: “Freedom lies in being bold.”
“Museum website recognized. Patriotism subroutines participated. Honoring the fallen is the responsibility of every red-blooded American”

  • “Weapons: hot.”
  • “Mission: the destruction of all Chinese communists.”
  • “American will not fall into communist invasion”
  • “Obstruction discovered. Composition: titanium alloy supplemented by photonic resonance barrier”
  • “Probability of assignment deterrent: zero percent”
  • “Communist discovered on American land. Lethal force participated “
  • “Tactical evaluation: Red Chinese success –hopeless.”
  • “Communism is the very definition of collapse “
  • “Communism is a temporary setback on the path to freedom”
  • “Embrace democracy or you’ll be eradicated.”
  • “Democracy will not be defeated”
  • “Voice module online. Audio performance evaluation initialized. Designation: Liberty Prime. Mission: the
  • liberation of all Anchorage, Alaska. Main Targets: all Red Chinese invaders. Emergency Communist Acquisition
  • Directive: instantaneous self destruct. Better dead, compared to Crimson .”

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Liberty Prime Quotes

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