Dave Seesholtz

Dave Seesholtz

Dave Seesholtz is an American professional currently employed as a Headend Manager at Xfinity in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

David Seesholtz is an accomplished professional who has held various positions within Xfinity, a broadcasting company with approximately 168 K employees. At present, David serves as Headend Manager for this renowned broadcaster.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David was an enthusiastic amateur equestrian with a busy schedule of his own. A true philanthropist by nature and lover of good times, one of David’s favorite pasttimes was tinkering with vintage equestrian gear – including many an ear worm cure! You’ll also find David hidden away in his trophy cabinet of various sorts.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Seesholtz was born on October 26, 1982 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to David R. Seesholtz and Kelly (Heisey) Seesholtz. A 2001 graduate of Lower Dauphin High School and former employee of Ebersole Excavation, he now works as assistant superintendent for Palmyra Borough after many awards for his work within the industry. A longstanding member of his community as well, Seesholtz passed away tragically on October 20, 2022 due to injuries sustained in a car accident – read on to find out more about him!

Dave Seesholtz

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