David Akinin

David Akinin

David Akinin is the founder of Atenu Developments and Emanya Capital Group, both of which specialize in affordable housing development in Namibia. Additionally, he’s a civil and general contractor for infrastructure projects, industrial projects, as well as EPC services.

Originating from Venezuela, Akinin speaks six languages and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He’s currently finishing up an MPhil in Inclusive Innovation from the University of Cape Town.

Professional Career

David Aquinin had a successful career as a corporate executive. He worked hard and dedicated himself to his profession, yet felt like he was neglecting other aspects of himself as an individual.

He had become so consumed with his work that he neglectd other areas of life such as his health and relationships. Additionally, he was struggling with feelings of depression.

He eventually realized he needed to find balance in his work and life. By taking time for other aspects of life, he found that he was happier – what he called “discovering himself.” Authenticity became key as he felt more like himself at work and in other aspects of his life.

Achievements and Honors

David Aquinin is widely recognized for his talent and success as an artist. His works are highly praised, particularly for their realistic depictions of ancient history and mythology.

He received numerous honors and awards throughout his career. He was a member of the Academy of Art in Paris and won first prize at the Prix de Rome competition.

In 1775, he relocated to Italy and spent 5 years learning how to draw from antique models. Upon his return in 1780, he focused on depicting Ancient History and Mythology in Parisian paintings.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of the French Revolution and participated in the Convention of Paris. Additionally, he served on the Committee for Public Safety and was artistic director for national fetes.

David Akinin

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