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A Look at David Coolidge

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Early Life and Education

Coolidge was born in Hudson, Massachusetts on October 18, 1873 to a shoemaker father who supplemented his income by running a farm.

After graduating from Amherst College, he pursued legal studies at a Northampton law firm and passed the bar in 1897. He opened a law practice and got involved with local Republican politics.

In 1913, he served as a state senator and urged his fellow legislators to “Give administration time to catch up with legislation.”

His policymaking was guided by the idea that economic efficiency could only be realized if Congress abstained from meddling in government and left it to the executive to provide it. Furthermore, he believed most governing should take place at state and local levels rather than at the federal level.

Coolidge served as president from 1923 to 1929 and was renowned for his quiet demeanor and restraint when making policy decisions – commonly referred to as “Silent Cal.”

Professional Career

Over Coolidge’s long career at GE, he was both an important technical contributor and successful research leader. He created numerous new products such as high-grade magnetized steel and improved ventilating fans that remain popular today.

He made significant contributions to radar research and countermeasures during World War II, earning 83 patents that remain in use today.

Coolidge was an obvious choice to join Dr. Willis R. Whitney’s GE Research Laboratory in Schenectady, New York in 1905.

It may have seemed counterintuitive to devote a laboratory solely to scientific research, yet Whitney saw how many profitable fields could be discovered through such endeavors.

While Coolidge was developing the ductile-tungsten material for his first tube, he also studied X-rays and their practical applications. It was this research that culminated in the invention of the Coolidge Tube in 1913.

Achievements and Honors

Coolidge achieved many notable accomplishments and received many honors, but his most renowned contribution was the invention of the Coolidge Tube, which revolutionized X-ray imaging. This machine allowed X-ray waves to travel much smaller distances than visible light, enabling scientists to view denser materials more clearly.

The invention made X-rays more efficient in their application for medical and industrial uses. It also enabled X-rays to be scanned deeper and accurately than ever before.

Coolidge also established a chemistry department at General Electric Research Laboratory in Schenectady. This division proved instrumental in creating important chemical-based products like silicones that would become major businesses for General Electric in years ahead.

Personal Life

David Coolidge was born in Hudson, Massachusetts on October 23rd 1873 into a relatively prosperous family. His father was an educator, storekeeper, and farmer who earned a comfortable living while being known throughout the region for being thrifty and conscientious with money management.

He was an impressive student who excelled in school. Unfortunately, he became homesick while at Amherst College and tragically lost his mother before graduating.

He was an outstanding debater who joined a fraternity on campus and quickly earned himself a reputation for his wit and ability to speak in front of an audience. In junior year, he shared the oratory prize and in his senior year won the Grove Oration competition.

He went on to earn his Ph.D. in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working alongside renowned physical chemist Arthur A. Noyes. Additionally, he interned at the University of Leipzig with X-ray pioneer Wilhelm C. Roentgen.

Net Worth

Coolidge has amassed a substantial fortune through her acting career, as well as through real estate investments. She owns properties in Hollywood, New Orleans and Boston among others.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $213 thousand dollars as of 15 June 2017. On average, she makes 2,143 units every 0 days from stock trades.

Coolidge was unusual in that his career was relatively modest financially. His father was a successful storekeeper and community official, while Coolidge spent five years practicing law before being elected governor of Massachusetts. The majority of Coolidge’s net worth came from advances on his autobiography as well as money made writing newspaper columns.

David Coolidge

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