David Gram

David Gram

David Gram is an internationally acclaimed innovation consultant and speaker who aids small businesses and global corporations in becoming leaner innovators. With over 15 years of practical experience with radical innovation and lean start-up methods, his advice can be trusted.

David has extensive experience working in both small and large companies, developing innovation projects from early incubation to full maturity. Most recently, he spearheaded LEGO Ventures, LEGO Brand Group’s new strategic venture arm.

Early Life and Education

David Grams is a highly acclaimed CEO at Compassus, one of the nation’s largest home healthcare companies. As CEO, he has proven to be an adept and strategic steward for his organization as it navigates through digital disruption.

At the age of five, his family moved to Waycross, Georgia and he began learning piano. From an early age he developed a deep interest in music.

At the age of ten, Elvis Presley performed with Little Jimmy Dickens at Waycross City Auditorium and this experience forever altered his musical perspective.

He also began playing the trombone. His lessons were given by Dan Latsha, band director at Upper Columbia Academy – a Seventh-day Adventist school near Spokane, Washington.

Professional Career

David has been providing “radical” innovation methods to small businesses and global corporations for 15 years. He has held various senior positions, such as Head of Innovation at Scandinavian Airlines and Senior Innovation Director at LEGO’s Future Lab.

He applies design thinking and agile development to help teams take projects from early incubation through full maturity. Additionally, he has extensive expertise in new business creation and ecosystem building.

His keynotes and masterclasses offer practical tools for both executives and intrapreneurs to better drive innovation and digital transformation. He includes case studies from companies like LEGO Group, as well as specific insights and best practices from these experiences.

Achievements and Honors

David Gram is an acclaimed author and one of the most recognizable figures in the industry. His accolades include back-to-back Florida Book Awards, several Pushcart Prizes, a Guggenheim Fellowship and the esteemed Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor title to name just a few.

David, despite his day job as a professor of theatre, finds time to pursue creative projects both domestically and abroad. He founded and directs studio gram – an award-winning design practice that creates experiences both familiar and unexpected. Their work has earned them several prestigious design awards, plus they are behind other notable ventures. Lastly, David enjoys telling good stories – whether onstage or in the newsroom.

Personal Life

David Gram is a business strategist, innovation expert and internationally-recognized intrapreneur. As the founder of Diplomatic Rebels, an advisory firm that helps company leaders become stronger innovators, his expertise helps companies transform into stronger enterprises.

He is an expert in customer empathy, ecosystem building, agile product development and new business creation. His clients range from large Fortune 100 companies to small start-ups.

David is passionate about inspiring organizations to become change-leading innovators. As a keynote speaker, David offers his unique perspectives on how businesses can stay afloat in today’s rapidly accelerating world by leading change from incubation to action. With his guidance, any organization can become a lean innovation machine.

Net Worth

David Gram is the CEO of Compassus, one of America’s premier providers of home health and hospice care. As CEO, he carefully manages the company’s growth and expansion.

He also leads Lego’s Future Lab, tasked with inventing the future of play. His passion lies in transformational innovation and he believes companies have an obligation to drive global transformation that benefits humans and the planet over long-term.

He was married to Pat Grams since 1980 and they have two daughters, Cazzie and Romy. The couple resides on their family farm near Kearney, Nebraska.

David Gram

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