David Harabedian

David Harabedian

David Harabedian is an incredible and renowned Russian gymnast. He is a three-time Olympian.

He is a two-time national champion and enjoys immense popularity among sports enthusiasts.

Personal Life

David is married to Joanna and the proud father of a daughter. As founder of Virtual Church Media, an online church that reaches homes on five continents, David helps people discover and activate their God-given gifts and callings through televised teachings. They have earned the title “power couple” due to their extraordinary ministry gifts to Christ’s Body; inspiring revival fires in churches where they speak, giving new life to congregations. In their book “Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom,” they share how prayer and God’s faithfulness transformed their lives from ones spent behind bars into lifetimes serving others.

Net Worth

David Harabedian has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He resides at 10626 Spy Glass Hill Road in Whittier, California with his wife and children. He founded Virtual Church Media and served as pastor at a local church before founding Harabedian Enterprises – a real estate company. David loves spending time with his family; married to Joanna with one son named Beckham Dash; plus, Trea Turner joined them shortly after signing an eleven-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies last December.

He serves as an inspiring role model for young people and is a true patriot. He cherishes his country and takes great pride in being Armenian.

David Harabedian

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