David Kulwicki

David Kulwicki

David Kulwicki of Defiance, Ohio is an established attorney specializing in Medical Malpractice cases.

He has over 29 years of experience as a trial lawyer, is a member of the Cleveland Academy of Trial Attorneys and Fellow of the American Bar Association.

Early Life and Education

Kulwicki displayed a keen passion for cars and racing from an early age. Starting as a teenager driving karts, winning several national competitions before eventually switching over to late model stock cars.

As soon as he graduated from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1977, he took up racing full time – becoming one of the first college-educated NASCAR drivers and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge through his studies.

Born and raised in Greenfield, Wisconsin to Polish-American parents who followed Roman Catholicism devoutly. Kulwicki made his mark as one of NASCAR’s most successful drivers through hard work, determination and his unbridled passion for racing.

Professional Career

Kulwicki began his professional racing career in Wisconsin short tracks before transitioning into regional stock car touring series and eventually NASCAR itself in 1985 with limited funds, one car, and borrowing an old pickup truck as transportation.

Kulwicki proved an instantaneous hit on the Winston Cup circuit despite financial hardships; winning him the 1986 Rookie of the Year Award against drivers from well-funded teams.

Mechanical engineer by trade, he had an innate understanding of car internals and how to speed them up – knowledge which would later enable him to win his first Winston Cup championship with AK Racing in 1992.

His career was an outstanding display of determination and talent; he won his inaugural NASCAR race at Phoenix International Raceway in 1988 before going on to claim the crown three years later.

Achievement and Honors

David Kulwicki was an esteemed attorney. He has been included in Best Lawyers of America and was a member of the Ohio Academy of Justice.

Recognized for his achievements in medical malpractice law, he has written articles and presented at legal conferences about it.

One of his greatest achievements was winning the 1992 Winston Cup championship driving a Hooters car, leading one additional lap than Bill Elliott and thus taking home this prized award.

He was well-known for his innovative approaches to racing. A member of the Kulwicki Driver Development Program (KDDP), Alan was also an adept social media user, constantly posting updates regarding his racing and off-track activities like initiating the Alan Kulwicki Memorial Go-Kart Program for young racers and spreading Kulwicki’s name throughout the Midwest region.

Personal Life

David Kulwicki is an experienced trial attorney specializing in catastrophic injury cases resulting from medical negligence, nursing home neglect or abuse, car crashes, truck accidents, elevator and escalator injuries, construction site accidents such as electrocutions explosions or burns and more. Additionally, he provides expert legal advice regarding wrongful deaths traumatic brain injuries or any other personal injuries claims.

He has over 29 years of experience and has helped clients recover over $100 million. Additionally, he teaches legal education classes and publishes numerous articles related to medical negligence.

Early in his career, he often operated alone and with great perfectionistism. He believed it important for race teams to operate like engineers would; his style of management was often quite individualistic.

Net Worth

David Kulwicki of Greenfield, Wisconsin was a race car driver. He became 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Champion.

Beginning his racing career on local short tracks in Wisconsin, he quickly advanced to regional stock car touring series. One of the few drivers in NASCAR during the late ’80s and ’90s with a college engineering education, he soon earned a reputation as being both meticulous and demanding of his crew.

He was a devout Roman Catholic and frequently carried a Saint Christopher devotional medal with him in his car. Additionally, he enjoyed fishing, computer gaming, and was an avid supporter of Cleveland Browns football team.

David Kulwicki

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