David Lawlor

David Lawlor – A Lawyer With Over 20 Years of Experience

David Lawlor has over two decades of legal experience, representing individuals, businesses and a variety of government agencies. A skilled trial lawyer with knowledge in both state and federal courts, David has extensive representation.

David’s practice specializes in civil litigation, with a particular emphasis on commercial disputes and business transactions. Additionally, he has extensive expertise in appeals.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is the study of young children and their development, an endeavor which has been crucial throughout history for human success and progress.

David Lawlor is an authority on this subject, having written several books related to it.

Erikson created a model of development for children and teens that highlighted their individual goals, challenges and concerns at each stage. This theory provided both teachers and parents with insight into how best to assist their students in reaching their life objectives.

Thus, Erikson’s work has been translated into many languages and is now taught in classrooms around the globe. As a pioneer in this area of research, his theories remain as relevant today as they were when he first wrote them.

Professional Career

David Lawlor is an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. As their advocate, David fights tirelessly for his clients’ rights to receive fair compensation for their injuries.

He is an exceptional trial lawyer with the potential to win any case. Whether it is a motor vehicle accident/wrongful death case, major medical malpractice issue, dog bite or slip and fall injury, his dedication will be tireless on your behalf.

He believes that a successful career requires two essential ingredients: technical proficiency and insatiable curiosity. Professionals who focus solely on one aspect of their work often miss out on important opportunities.

Achievements and Honors

David Lawlor is a highly esteemed lawyer renowned for his proficiency in civil litigation. He represents clients in domestic relations matters, business formation and transactions, complex litigation, personal injury claims, as well as criminal proceedings.

David Lawlor is a graduate of Wilmington College with a degree in criminal justice and minor in accounting. He played Division III college basketball while also serving as contract special investigator with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in Washington, D.C. before beginning his legal career.

David Lawlor was renowned for his accomplishments, including convicting six members of a Croxteth crew gang over a drugs conspiracy that sent them to prison for ninety years. Additionally, he prosecuted three men in connection with pilot Jason Osu’s murder.

Personal Life

David Lawlor is a well-known attorney. His practice areas include white collar criminal defense, complex commercial litigation and government enforcement.

He represents individuals, businesses and high-level professionals in criminal and civil matters. He has achieved several trial victories before federal agencies such as the SEC, DOJ and FINRA.

David loves his legal career, as well as being a husband and father to actress Lacey Chabert. They have one daughter together.

He is the co-founder of Redesign Science and holds a PhD in computational biology from New York University. He and his wife enjoy going to movie shows together, supporting each other’s careers; however, he is currently single and prefers keeping his personal life private.

Net Worth

David Lawlor has a net worth of $5 million, which includes his assets, liabilities and investment earnings.

He has amassed wealth through his professional work. He has been involved in various legal cases and provided testimony for his clients.

Recently, he represented a wife who had been verbally and physically abused by her husband for more than two decades. During the trial, he presented testimony from witnesses who saw both abuse and how it was perpetrated.

He has also been involved in various commercial and private projects. His expertise lies in forensic accounting and financial matters related to litigation, which have enabled him to become a highly successful lawyer.

David Lawlor

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