David Shutack

David Shutack, 69, of Hinsdale, passed away unexpectedly on March 7, 2022

David Shutack, 69, of Hinsdale passed away unexpectedly on March 7, 2022. A free spirit, David loved backpacking through Glacier National Park and exploring the Bahamas.

Contemplative man who earned his master of philosophy degree from the University of Chicago. As an advertising executive he created clever messages for commercials during his long and distinguished career. A passionate supporter of Bears and Cubs sports, and most especially anything related to his children – he never missed an event where they participated or performed!

Early Life and Education

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Achievement and Honors

David Shutack was well-recognized for his achievements across numerous arenas. At Rutgers University he earned three varsity letters before beginning a coaching career at several high schools. Additionally he earned wrestling state championships at both 106 and 115 pounds weight classes.

Dave was an integral member of Cedar Hill community, serving on multiple boards and committees and being honored for his contribution to its small-town charm with the Distinctive Character Lifetime Achievement Award. Dave dedicated himself to designing Cedar Hill ISD’s Culinary Arts program while mentoring many young chefs aspiring to be chefs themselves. Dave loved Cedar Hill as much as his family did; he had an irreverent yet thoughtful sense of humor which delighted both.

Personal Life

Dave Shutack was a Hinsdale resident with a deep appreciation for travel and nature. A dedicated fan of both Bears and Cubs baseball teams, as well as numerous charities over the years. Dave often filled conversations with humorous anecdotes that ranged from simple jokes to complex ones; his humor would often surprise family and friends alike. Dave is survived by two of his children – Laura and Jack; as well as Patsy his former wife who served as his friend; step-siblings Kate McDonnell Molly Pelzer Dan Duffy Nora Duffy plus various nieces and nephews;

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Net Worth

David Shutack was a longtime Hinsdale resident who died unexpectedly on March 7, 2022 at age 69. He leaves behind his two children Laura and Jack as well as numerous friends and family members; as well as beloved pets Harry and Wynne who will miss him greatly. David enjoyed backpacking through Glacier National Park as well as exploring the Bahamas; conversing in long conversations filled with humor from simple jokes to those that were both irreverent and profound.

David Shutack

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