David Stricklin

David Stricklin, Internist at Stricklin & Associates

Dave Stricklin is the founder of Stricklin & Associates, a bipartisan public affairs consulting firm. His clients range from global institutions to some of Illinois’ fastest growing industries.

Stricklin began his career as a television news reporter in 1983 and went on to serve as chief of staff for three members of Congress. In 2005, he founded Stricklin & Associates with his partners.

Early Life and Education

David Stricklin has an impressive background in education. He earned his diploma from Alma School District in 2014.

He holds a degree from Arkansas Tech University and currently works as an assistant athletic trainer for the Seattle Seahawks.

While still in school, David Stricklin developed an affinity for football. He would eat peanuts, hot dogs and pretzels during the first quarter of his favorite matches.

He still cherishes those memories fondly. A quarter century later, he was hired as an assistant athletic trainer by the Seahawks.

Professional Career

David Stricklin has been an internist for more than two decades, providing comprehensive care to patients of all ages with various health needs.

He is an active member of both the American Medical Association and American College of Physicians, as well as certified by both the National Board of Internal Medicine and American College of Sports Medicine.

Stricklin has extensive experience as both an athletic trainer and clinical instructor at the UCA School of Education, boasting 15 years of teaching expertise in this field. His specialty lies in managing head injuries.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Stricklin has been a pioneer in sports communications for many years, working with some of the country’s premier teams. As such, his expertise and reputation speak for themselves.

He has been a professor of journalism and communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 28 years, earning numerous awards in recognition of his contributions to the field.

He has been an incredible champion for both media and his students. Additionally, he has served as a mentor and adviser to many people throughout his career.

Personal Life

Stricklin cherishes time spent with his family, especially his wife Jennifer. They reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

He has two teenage sons who attend school in the Chicago area.

Stricklin is an avid reader and enjoys writing and playing guitar.

Stricklin, as director of athletic physical medicine for the Seahawks, is accountable for all medical needs on the team. He communicates with management late into the evening to make sure he has all pertinent information to make informed decisions regarding players’ health and fitness, including injury prognosis.

Stricklin’s commitment to his job keeps him coming back to the professional football setting year after year. He enjoys being able to assist players through difficult circumstances.

Net Worth

Stricklin has extensive public affairs expertise and served as Chief of Staff to three members of Congress. He is the founder of a Chicago-based firm that assists companies and government agencies create effective strategic public relations plans.

David Stricklin was born in Glen Cove, Long Island on October 14, 1969 and raised in Princeton, New Jersey.

He began his career as a television news reporter and eventually rose to become chief of staff for three members of Congress. Additionally, he served as director of government relations at an extensive Chicago law firm and co-founded a bipartisan public affairs consulting firm.

David Stricklin

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