David Stanek

David Stanek

David Stanek has been developing software professionally for over 15 years. Python is his favorite programming language and he’s proud to have been a member of the Cleveland Area Python Interest Group since its inception.

He loves reading technical books, listening to podcasts and spending time with his family. Additionally, he’s a co-host of the popular From Python Import Podcast.

Early Life and Education

David Stanek is an incredibly accomplished individual with a long and successful professional background in business. He’s been involved in a number of significant and high-profile projects throughout his career, while also enjoying spending quality time with his family members – four children included! When not at work, David enjoys trying new restaurants and traveling the globe; additionally, his passion for technology keeps him constantly learning about it. Besides all this, David enjoys playing with his miniature Dachshund too! As of 2018, David estimated to have a net worth of $4 million dollars and currently resides with Ann Crooks at home in Minnesota with their spouse Ann Crooks; more information can be found by visiting David Stanek’s official website here.

Professional Career

David Stanek has been creating software professionally for more than 19 years. He currently works as a Principal Cloud Software Engineer at HPE, where he enjoys creating distributed systems using Kubernetes and cloud technologies. When not at work, David enjoys working on open source projects to hone his technical abilities. Furthermore, he organizes the Cleveland Area Python Interest Group and cohosts the From Python Import Podcast with fellow colleagues.

He is an astrophysicist specializing in time-domain astronomy and variability. He has made numerous important advances to the field, such as his study of massive stars and supernovae, as well as pioneering the use of red clump stars as a distance indicator within the Universe. For his efforts, he has received several honors and awards; most recently being named a University Distinguished Scholar.

Achievement and Honors

Stanek is co-leading the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN), an Ohio State-led automated telescope network that scans the entire sky nightly. Their research has uncovered a direct connection between gamma-ray bursts and massive star deaths, demonstrated red clump stars as distance indicators in our Galaxy and beyond, and led the hunt for new types of supernovae which may occur more frequently within our local universe.

Brakke and Stanek were selected from almost 2,500 applicants to become Guggenheim Fellows for 2022, following an intensive application and peer-review process. As leaders in their fields, these Fellows have made major contributions to knowledge, the arts or humanities, as well as public understanding.

Personal Life

David Stanek is a veteran software engineer who has been employed in the industry for two decades. Currently employed at Rackspace, David has been using Python as his preferred programming language for over 11 years – both on and off the job.

He enjoys working on open source projects and honing his technical abilities. Additionally, he reads technical books and listens to a variety of podcasts for fun.

He has a passion for music and literature, being an accomplished artist who has written and illustrated a children’s book as well as teaching art classes to youth. Additionally, he produced a documentary film on the life of American novelist Thomas Wolfe which will be screened at several theatre productions this season.

Net Worth

David Stanek has an estimated net worth of $26.5 Million. As an associate at Connolly Gallagher, his practice area is trusts & estates law. He assists clients in planning and administering their trusts and estates efficiently while also offering advice to fiduciaries on how to preserve and transfer assets tax efficiently.

Prior to joining Connolly Gallagher, he served as in-house general counsel for Access Group Inc., providing legal advice to the board of directors and all levels of the company on legal matters related to organization, operations and finances. Additionally, he managed the legal, compliance and internal audit functions within the firm. Furthermore, during his career he has also served as vice president of O-A-K Construction–a company providing construction management services throughout the Midwest–with responsibility for operations management tasks.

David Stanek

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