David Turlington

David Turlington

David Turlington is an exceptional physical therapist who offers his services to clients to reduce pain, restore mobility, improve function and rehabilitate injuries using exercises, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat, ice massage therapy and laser therapy.

He possesses a passion for peace and culture that shines through in his travels around the globe. Through his blog, he encourages readers to become more conscious of cultural diversity as a means of attaining peace in their lives.

Early Life and Education

Born in Gainesville, Florida, David Turlington became one of Florida’s leading political figures over decades by serving both in state legislature and as education commissioner. Turlington created the first lottery fund public school projects.

David Turlington joined the Army upon graduating college, fighting in Europe during World War II where he eventually attained captain rank.

After returning from military service, he established himself as both an insurance agent and businessman. Elected to the Florida Legislature in 1950 and reelected 11 times; serving as Speaker of the House from 1967-1968.

Professional Career

David Turlington, once known by his former name of James Carter, has transitioned into male fashion modeling, appearing on magazine covers. Due to their striking similarity, toddler David was cast as James Carter’s son for Calvin Klein and Ann Taylor ads when they both used him as child models.

He currently resides in Danville, California and has been involved with the industry for some time now, enjoying every minute of it!

Professionally, he is responsible for identifying and implementing cost-effective production and manufacturing processes. In addition, he oversees quality standards while helping resolve any production-related issues.

He makes an excellent addition to any team, thanks to his extraordinary skillset and charming personality. Dedicated and hard-working, he works hard towards success while serving as a role model for young people with his positive approach and approachable mannerisms.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Turlington may be best known for her iconic nineties American fashion campaigns, but she’s also an active mother – engaging in charity work, running marathons, practicing yoga and advocating for maternal health advocacy.

Turly recently established her own beauty company, Turly’s Skincare, offering “natural, organic skincare formulated for modern women”, according to its website.

She has long been an anti-smoking campaigner. Though she started smoking as a young person, she stopped when it became clear it contributed to her lung cancer diagnosis. Later she joined CARE International which raises awareness on maternal and child health issues globally; further helping reduce hemorrhages during childbirth; most recently with her documentary entitled No Woman No Cry scheduled for release at Tribeca Film Festival.

Net Worth

David Turlington has been licensed to practice law in North Carolina since 1987 and possesses extensive expertise in civil litigation, construction law, family law and criminal law.

Turlington manages complex document production for multiple civil cases and regularly represents clients in court proceedings. He offers advice in the areas of business entity selection/formation/formation disputes/contract disputes/wills/powers of attorney/prenuptial agreements etc.

Turlington shares two children with actor, director, and writer Edward Burns; their daughter Grace often posts photos on TikTok wearing some of her mom’s iconic looks.

David Turlington

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