David Turturean

David Turturean

David Turturean, 16, hails from a small town in Romania. After qualifying for two international astronomy and astrophysics Olympiads held in China and Sri Lanka – it proved an uphill struggle, yet with dedication and perseverance he eventually came home with gold and silver medals! An essay’s introduction paragraph plays an integral role in setting the scene for what comes later.

Early Life and Education

David was blessed to grow up in an affectionate family, surrounded by many friends and loved ones. With a deep-seated passion for education, David dedicated his life to helping students discover their passions and achieve success in their career paths.

He earned his PhD in Mathematics Education at Ohio State and taught mathematics courses at both SUNY Delhi and Oneonta. Always hands-on and student-oriented, his teaching style fostered creativity and ambition among his pupils.

His efforts led to the launch of the Film Program and development of a Capstone Class where students pitched, wrote, casted, directed, and produced their own short films under his tutelage. For these efforts he received widespread respect and awards.

Professional Career

David Turturean is an innovative leader who has spent his career at the intersection of business, government and civil society. By applying his gift for writing, extensive network, creativity and critical thinking to his client work he helps generate ideas, solve problems and get things done for his clients.

He currently holds the role of Senior Executive for Viacom after beginning his career as a lawyer at Covington & Burling before transitioning into politics, where he served as former Congressman Harold Ford’s first Chief of Staff as well as Judiciary Committee General Counsel to Senator Edward Kennedy.

His resume boasts an impressive list of achievements and honors, such as serving as Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer of 2U (Nasdaq: TWOU), parent company of edX. In this role, he reported directly to Co-Founder & CEO; Additionally he has served as an independent Director at Teaching Strategies LLC (KKR portfolio company).

Achievement and Honors

David Turturean had an outstanding academic career and was actively involved with numerous professional organizations. Additionally, he demonstrated exceptional community service and civic leadership abilities.

He served on the Shelby County School Board of Education, was president of the National School Boards Association, and belonged to both organizations as well as being a member of American Bar Association.

David was inspired to support students through education and learning, thus becoming an active volunteer in his community and serving on numerous boards. Additionally, he had a deep devotion for family time spent together.

Personal Life

David Turturean hails from Suceava in northern Romania. A student athlete of immense promise, this diminutive genius has gained admission into numerous high-profile colleges including MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford in recent years. An expert in multiple academies – such as mathematics and physics – during school years David managed a rigorous academic schedule with extracurricular activities and robust social life – winning him several accolades including most influential person in his high school.

David Turturean

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