David Wren

David Wren

David Wren is an independent scholar who specializes in history and art. He divides his time between Philadelphia and Trumansburg, New York where he owns Halsey House – a landmark Greek Revival farmhouse.

In 2010, Wren uncovered evidence that South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Gresham Barrett had received campaign contributions from several LLCs with little or no assets or revenue.

Early Life and Education

Wren was an extraordinary polymath, possessing mastery over anatomy and physiology, astronomy, geometry, meteorology and drawing.

At Oxford, he developed an interest in physics and engineering. Later, he joined the Royal Society – an esteemed organization dedicated to scientific study.

He was a co-founder of the Royal Society, which received its Royal Charter from Charles II in 1662. His achievements in astronomy, optics, cosmology, mechanics and microscopy are widely recognized for their significant contributions to science.

His early architectural works include the Sheldonian Theatre, designed for Oxford university and inspired by Rome’s Theatre of Marcellus. This structure featured a roof constructed out of timber trusses that mimicked its classical form.

Professional Career

David Wren has had a distinguished professional career, having held leadership positions in multiple fields. As founder of Network Technology Partners, he has engaged with clients from all across the Midwest.

He has spent this time helping them bolster their security and network monitoring systems, as well as maximize their budgets.

David recognized a need in the small to midsize enterprise space while working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and large healthcare organizations. These markets were either underserved or lacked the investment capital required for reliable cyber security measures. As such, he decided to focus his efforts on filling this void.

David recognized this need and set out to create a cost-effective, scalable solution for cyber security – hence ARGISS was born.

Achievements and Honors

Wren is credited with designing Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge; the Sheldonian Theatre; St Paul’s Cathedral and over 50 churches that were rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1666. Additionally, he assisted with rebuilding efforts at Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.

He served as professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at Oxford, as well as being a founding member of the Royal Society. Additionally, he conducted numerous scientific experiments, such as those exploring the effects of various liquids injected into living animals’ veins.

His architectural achievements have earned him a place of honor among Western Europe’s foremost architects. His designs can be seen in buildings around the globe, from clapboard churches in New England to city halls in Belfast and Durban.

Personal Life

David Wren prioritizes his personal life greatly. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as traveling whenever possible.

He loves playing guitar and listening to music, as well as reading books and watching movies.

He has three children and two grandchildren, as well as a niece and two nephews.

He is an independent scholar specializing in history and art, the author of numerous books, frequent guest speaker at events, member of multiple organizations – and an inspiration to many people. Additionally, he has donated substantial sums of money to charity as well as being an advocate for dementia awareness.

Net Worth

David Wren is an incredibly successful businessman. Through his career in advertising, he has earned millions of dollars.

He is the founder of Wren Consulting and Elevated Discourse. Additionally, he owns a stake in Bollore conglomerate.

Forbes estimates his net worth to be $4 billion, making him one of the highest paid executives in the industry.

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David Wren

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