Welcome in Your Life the Delightful Monsoon Blossoms

Delightful Monsoon Blossoms

Like I usually say that winter is the time of joy and celebration but so is monsoon, after all, it’s the time of rain and one of the best memories that I have to share is that of getting drenched in the rain while riding a scooter, followed by hot tea and good quality spicy food cause we have a lot of craving for spicy food even during monsoons. It’s that time of the year when the skies are grey and the earth is green and blue all around and as far as our eyes would go. This is also the season when some of the best flowers bloom and of course to see those in such a way would be a true pleasure.

If you are also a monsoon person like me and love to have lots of greenery around them especially in the form of flowers. Thinking that your flowers will suffer a great loss because if you will grow flowers in the wrong season then definitely there are chances that all of your investment in the form of time and money would all go in vain. Online flower delivery in Mumbai whatever the city is, flower delivery is easily available you can ask a florist to plant some of the plants in your house. So let’s check out which flowers can we grow during the monsoon season.

1) Balsam 

Balsam is a very beautiful monsoon flower. Remember the shapes of flowers that we learned when we were children to draw on a sheet of paper. Yes, these are those same flowers that come in colors like reddish pink red pink violet white yellow and orange. At a time they can bear single and double flowers, quite often we can see one plant with two different flowers.

2) Marigold 

Marigold holds not only properties of beautification but also they have a lot of importance in the Hindu religion. And the best part is that we can grow it during the monsoon season. However, proper farmers or agriculturists, can you grow marigolds up to three times in a year that means during rainy winter and summer seasons. So now you can add to your garden beautiful shades of yellow-orange and white. Just make sure when growing it during the rainy season that the water flows by and does not collect near the stem.

3) Sunflowers 

One of the most attractive easy to grow and large-sized flowers is the sunflower. So if you are a fan of yellow and orange shades then definitely sunflower would be one of the best flowers to grow in your garden. All you need to do is plant your sunflowers at least 60 to 75 days before the bloom and leave the rest work on to the air, water, and wind. Sunflowers when grown properly are rain tolerant and although not rainproof but they can survive even after being soaked in rainwater.

4) Cosmos 

Cosmos are the genus of the sunflower family. The best part about Cosmos is that they can be grown year-round without any issues and they start flowering within two after their plantation. The flowers can be grown by spreading a few seeds on the soil which do not require a lot of care. A single flower grows on one stem and as they turn into flowers you’d be looking at an array of colors in your garden. These are the perfect flowers that will attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

5) Zinnia 

If you like lots of colors in your garden then definitely zinnia is the one for you. One of the best things about the flower is that they have different shapes and sizes of flowers and the plant might train dwarf throughout the seasons or grow up to be mighty. Some of its colors include pink, red, blue, yellow, orange, white, etc. Whether you want Flowers bouquet delivered in Bangalore, or you want to plant them in your house all the things can be taken care of by online florists.

6) Salvia 

If you like clouds of colors spread across in your garden in the form of bushes then definitely Salvia is the one for you. Because of its combination, it can be fondly called Christmas flowers as it comes in the red and green shade, they are also available in a variety of hues white, purple, yellow, maroon, etc. Here a lot of variations occur, especially in size and fragrance. Some are small and others are tall, respectively some might have fragrance and some may not.

7) Plumeria 

Plumeria is beautifully white and yellow-colored flowers that carry the sweetest possible fragrance any flower could ever have. Not only are the flowers beautiful but the fragrance is very attractive so you can use them as a natural air freshener for your house. Plumeria has other colors too like red, yellow, pink, and white. Plumeria does not like a wet stem, however, they should be well irrigated. Get a cake and bouquet delivery in Bangalore to not only decorate your premises but also as a classy add-on next to your cake.

Well, monsoon is the time of joy and lots of spicy food. But you can use this time also to create lots of greenery and colors around you just because it is monsoon, it does not mean that you have to enjoy only green color there are so many flowers around apart from the ones mentioned that can be grown during monsoon and you can enjoy lots of colors around yourself.

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Welcome in Your Life the Delightful Monsoon Blossoms

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