Derek Barnett Draft Profile

Derek Barnett’s second season was dominated by sacks. They were the reason he was able to earn the highest possible NFL draft ranking. Barnett had 32 sacks in his first three seasons. This was more than Reggie White, a former Packer great. While his pass rushes are often successful, he can also be evaded, resulting in large losses of up to 10 yards and a punt.

Barnett’s physicality and versatility make him a potential pick in the first round. He could play either on the offensive or defensive line. Barnett is a solid pass-rusher and could end up being a consistent double-digit sack guy. Barnett is a talented football player who can make more plays with the right system. He will cost you a pick but he is an excellent pick for teams who value his versatility on the field.

Barnett was recently signed by the Eagles to a two year contract. This will keep him in Philadelphia at least another one year. He has been a situational rusher for the Eagles in five seasons, recording 21 1/2 sacks as well as 46 tackles. Although his rookie season was not as planned, he was still considered to be the most important play in the franchise’s history.

Cam Jordan is out of the picture, and the Saints would be better served if they added a pass-rusher. They would follow the pass-rusher with secondary help. Barnett would be a great addition to Indianapolis’ defense. John Simon and Jabaal Sheard are both pass-rushers who can be complementary, but the Colts require a leader dog. Baltimore, meanwhile, needs a pass rush after releasing Elvis Dumervil.

If you want a defensive lineman who will make opposing quarterbacks uncomfortable, Derek Barnett is the right pick. Barnett has a lot of upside and is a top-level player. If the Buccaneers want a defensive lineman, they should look at Barnett. His speed, length, and athleticism could make him an excellent choice. However, his first-twitch speed is a concern.

Barnett is a skilled tackling player with an inside hand that allows for him to keep his edge rush position and create an inside route to the quarterback. He can also bring his outside arm over the offensive tackle and sprint after the quarterback. He is a combination of athleticism, pass rush moves and athleticism that makes him one the best draft picks. He can chase faster quarterbacks and is agile enough to move around in the backfield when needed.

Williams’ athleticism and hustle make him a strong candidate for any team, but his off-field history at Alabama raises questions. Williams failed numerous drug tests while he was a member of the team and was also arrested earlier in the season for possessing a gun without a permit. If Williams plays with a team like this, his upside is even higher. Williams may be a high-risk investment with a high ceiling. Williams could be a top-quality draft pick if he can overcome his issues with the team.

Derek Barnett Draft Profile
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