Deshaun Prescott in Jail After Murder Conviction

The murder conviction of Deshaun Prescott has landed him in jail. He was previously convicted for probation violation and had been held in custody for one year prior to the murder. According to records from the coroner, Prescott shot and killed a mother and her toddler son in San Diego’s East Village neighborhood. Police believe he may have also lied in wait and committed multiple murders.

Prescott’s DNA was found on a utility box across from a tattoo parlor. Prescott was also linked to a nearby car. Prescott is said to have had a history with violence and police offer a narcoleptic explanation. A blood trail linked him to the murder of Davis and White. Prescott was arrested a week later and booked. Prescott was charged for both murders.

The Texans expect a large haul for Watson, who signed a $156million extension with the team before the 2020 season. It’s likely the Texans will look to acquire multiple high draft picks, as they did with Russell Wilson. In return for Wilson, the Texans received two first round picks and a second round pick. It’s hard to say which team will get the best quarterback for less, but the Rams’ schedule is favorable for Deshaun Prescott.

Although the Dolphins are interested to trade Watson before the NFL trade deadline, it is not clear if the team is still interested. Other interested teams include the Carolina Panthers and Seattle, as well as the Cleveland Browns and New Orleans Saints. Watson is subject to a no-trade clause. He would need to be waived before a deal can be made. The Dolphins would then have three first-round picks and two second-round picks, but he is not a guaranteed starter for the next five years.

Prescott has also claimed that the court erred in refusing to grant him a self-defense jury instruction. Although he was convicted of murdering the deceased man, Prescott’s attorneys say the evidence is insufficient to prove his guilt under the aiding and abetting theory. He also requested that the court use Senate Bill No. 136 as grounds for his self-defense defense.

Deshaun Prescott in Jail After Murder Conviction
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