Paddle Up!: The Different Types of Kayaks, Explained

Different Types of Kayaks

Are you looking for an exciting excursion to embark upon this summer? Have you ever considered kayaking?

This is one of the most fun ways to get exercise, bond with friends, and explore new horizons.

But before you start preparing to go kayaking, you want to familiarize yourself with the different types of kayaks.

You want to choose the right kayak for your expedition. You also want to make sure it fits within your budget and your comfort level.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of kayaks:

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

This is a popular option for most kayaking enthusiasts and is a great choice for beginners.

These are easy to enter and exit and often have lots of space for storing spare materials or light luggage. Many fishing enthusiasts like sit-on-top kayaks as they’re ideal for storing fishing equipment.

It’s important to know that these types of kayaks can be on the pricier side. They aren’t the most expensive kayaks but you can expect to pay around $700 for them.

Make sure you look into how much does a kayak cost to determine which is the ideal kayak for you.

Touring Kayaks

These are the ideal kayaks if you plan on going on a long expedition. If you’ve traversed around the countryside and wish to explore nature, you want a touring kayak.

These are often 12 feet long and are tighter to sit in. They’re also much harder to peddle. You’ll have to use both your hips and thighs to peddle and sit back upright.

These kayaks will cost at least $1,000. You’ll likely pay between $1,200 to $1,500 for a new touring kayak.

The focus of touring kayaks is to traverse over longer bodies of water. You have to also remember that these are harder to store. You might prefer to rent a touring kayak rather than buy one.

Recreational Kayaks

These kayaks have an enclosure that encompasses the cockpit. The space in the cockpit is large enough for two people. Often, it’s ideal for keeping a small child with you.

These kayaks are usually around 10 feet long. These are easier to store and are much more affordable.

Recreational kayaks are also slower than touring kayaks. If you want to traverse long bodies of water at a more measured pace, this is the ideal kayak for you.

It’s also the ideal kayak if you have young children and are on a budget. You might also consider renting a recreational kayak over buying one.

Pedaling Kayaks

This is an ideal kayak for anyone who might find kayaking to be strenuous and uncomfortable.

With these kayaks, you only have to pedal without worrying about using your arms. You’ll only have to use your arms to push your kayak into the water and out of it.

These types of kayaks operate like bicycles. At many tourist points, you might get to rent a pedaling kayak to sail on the lake. These kayaks are usually better for small or medium-sized bodies of water.

These are also among the most affordable types of kayaks. This is a great option for anyone with a disability or for the elderly.

Whitewater Kayaks

These kayaks are meant for staying within one region of a body of water. So if you want to remain within the shores of a lake, this is the ideal kayak.

This is the type of kayak you’ll see at a tourist point surrounding a smaller body of water. This is great if you wish to enjoy the scenery without exerting yourself through your kayak.

These are shorter kayaks, usually around 6 feet long. You’ll also find that they’re among the most affordable. These are great for buying or renting. You might want to rent one first before you decide if you wish to buy one.

Long Boat Kayaks

These are among the most popular kayaks for rivers or other long bodies of water.

They’re usually 10 to 12 feet long. You can find these at a high price, over $1,000. You might be able to find a used kayak for under $1,000 usually within the range of $500 to $750.

One challenge of long boat kayaks is that they’re rather difficult to navigate with. You’ll have challenges making turns, particularly with narrower bodies of water.

As such, you’ll want training on how to use long boat kayaks before buying one. Due to their size, you might also prefer to rent one rather than buy one.

Creek Boat Kayaks

Finally, you can opt for a creek boat kayak once you’ve become an expert with kayaking.

These kayaks are around 8 feet long and can be rather expensive. This is because they’re one of the sturdiest types of kayaks available.

These are made to withstand drops or rough waters. As such, they’re more suited for experienced riders. If you’re a beginner at kayaking, it’s best to take a tour on a creek boat kayak before operating one by yourself.

You want to make sure that you have enough experience with different types of kayaks before riding on a creek boat kayak.

They’ll require lots of strength and navigation skills. These are more suited for adventurous kayaking rather than relaxed kayaking. It’s also best to make sure all fellow passengers also have skills with creek boat kayaks. This is not ideal for family trips or for casual vacations.

It’s also best to rent this type of kayak. You should only consider buying one if you feel you’ll go kayaking on rougher waters regularly. You might want to consider getting insurance for such a kayak if you do buy one.

Now You Can Choose Among the Different Types of Kayaks

Now that you know the different types of kayaks, you can choose the right one for your goals.

It’s also best to know which kayaks to buy and which ones to rent. You might want to keep a sit-on-top kayak at home while renting a touring kayak for a weekend trip.

Make sure you also learn how to operate a kayak so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest!

You can find more tips on your next adventure holiday on our website!

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Paddle Up!: The Different Types of Kayaks, Explained

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