Do Not Use Sign

Do Not Use Sign

A “Do Not Use” sign is a good way to warn other people about a defective item or piece of equipment. These signs come in various styles, but the most common one is the red prohibition circle, which features white helvetica text on a red background. A customised prohibition sign can be produced in a variety of different materials, including rigid plastic, and is easy to install or remove. Both these materials are durable and waterproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

When it comes to workplace health and safety, Do Not Use signs are crucial. They can prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring workers are aware of potential risks. The most common types of ‘Do Not Use’ signs include those related to equipment and scaffolding. For a more permanent solution, use a Do Not Obstruct Sign or Scaffolding Incomplete Do Not Us sign, which can be fixed to posts and scaffolding.

A general prohibition sign, also known as an interdictory circle, has a 45-degree diagonal line in the center and warns against an activity. In some countries, the symbol is made of a mirror image of the symbol and can also be used for other purposes. For instance, in Germany, the prohibition sign shows a glass of water next to a mosquito, which means that it isn’t safe to drink.

Multi-Message Asbestos Signs are useful in industrial settings. These signs warn about the presence of asbestos. In some cases, they provide further information advising workers to report any disturbance or damage. A multi-message sign can contain information on the risks of asbestos. The message is clear, easy to understand, and easy to read. If you’re not sure what type of sign to purchase, click the Materials dropdown menu to find a selection of materials.

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Do Not Use Sign

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