Does Your German Shepherd Have a Plush Coat?

A plush coat is the most common type of German Shepherd coat. Unlike a short coat, the plush coat is longer and thicker. While a short coat is preferred in the show ring, a plush coat is just as gorgeous. These dogs can range in length from one to two inches. And because they’re very low maintenance, you can wash them as often as you like. To find out if your German Shepherd has a plush coat, read on to learn more.

The plush coat German Shepherd has a luscious outer coat that protects it from both warmer and cold weather. The German Shepherd coat is available in many different colors and lengths. Plush coats are preferred for show dogs, while long coats are not favored for the dog pageant circuit. This difference between long and plush coats is evident from the naming of the breeds. If you are considering buying a German Shepherd, make sure to read up on the differences in their coat types.

The medium coat German Shepherd is an ideal choice for those who would like a companionable pet that is loyal and loving. Medium-haired German Shepherds are great pets for families and can serve as military, police, or personal service dogs. However, they can also be very aloof around strangers. You will have to train them to recognize a stranger before they will allow them to come close. Despite their social nature and curious nature, the plush coat German Shepherd breeds are very smart and loyal.

Red German Shepherds are rare and are more powerful than the standard black and tan version. These dogs are typically larger and have more pigment than their black and tan counterparts. A red German Shepherd has a similar pattern of black and tan, but the shade of red can range from rusty to deep red. The dominant gene produces these shades. But they do not necessarily make the dog more attractive. This gene is inherited, so if you see a red German Shepherd in a shop, make sure you ask to see it in person.

Adding Omega-3 fatty acids to your dog’s diet can improve the coat and skin condition of a sable German Shepherd. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish oil and in some plant oils. A supplement of hempseed oil can help improve the look of your dog’s coat. The oils can improve the overall health of the dog, resulting in a glossy, plush coat. But beware: Omega-3 fatty acids are only beneficial if you follow the directions carefully.

The German Shepherd’s coat sheds all year round. The dogs blow their coats two times a year, during seasonal changes. But don’t overdo it: a daily bath can remove 20% of the dog’s fur. Excessive bathing will also strip the coat of natural oils and make it mat and lose its luster. If your German Shepherd is prone to back and hip problems, you might want to avoid the plush coat variety.

Does Your German Shepherd Have a Plush Coat?
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