Jacquelyn Setmayer

Jacquelyn Setmayer is a registered Republican in the state of Florida. She is half Italian, half German. She is a single mother and attended Paramus High School in 1993. After graduation, she attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she studied political science. While she is a biracial woman, she prefers to identify as a woman of color.

Her parents are longtime residents of Paramus. Her father, Emil, served forty years with the Paramus Police Department and retired as a captain. Her mother, Tara, grew up in Paramus, where she attended school and graduated in 1993. She later went on to earn a Master’s degree in political science at George Washington University. Despite her father’s long-time Paramus residency, Jacquelyn Setmayer has made her mother proud.

The former CNN political commentator and ABC News contributor, Setmayer was a communications director on Capitol Hill. She has appeared on ABC’s The View, Good Morning America, and HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. Setmayer and Love married in Sicily. They plan to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary in 2022. She has three children. She is married to Marcelle Love. Their marriage has lasted more than a decade and a half.

Tara Setmayer was born on September 9, 1975 in Paramus, New Jersey. She is a political commentator for CNN and a former communications director for the GOP on Capitol Hill. She has appeared on ABC’s The View and Good Morning America and is a contributor to the website Voices. She also co-hosts the live talk show The Breakdown. Her father is a retired Paramus Police Officer, but his name is unknown.

Jacquelyn Setmayer
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