Dog Dies After Bottle Explodes

dog dies after bottle

The tragic death of a beloved pet can make any dog owner’s heart break even worse. Martha Stewart’s dog Ghenghis Kahn was killed in an explosion at his kennel. He was one of seventeen dogs to die, including the dog’s owners. The pet was rescued from a shelter and was adopted by the Wilford family in January 2017.

After reading about the dog’s death, Bohnert rushed over to get Abby. A neighbor alerted Bohnert about the photo of the pup. Abby was found about 500 feet underground. Bohnert took Abby to the bathroom and made chicken broth for her. Bohnert said that Abby was off-leash in the country when the incident occurred. However, despite the traumatic news, Bohnert did not give up on his pet.

Dog Dies After Bottle Explodes
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