Drug Addiction Facts

Drug Addiction Facts

Drug addiction is a problem present in society and in existence for a very long time. As much as there are several communal initiatives and programs aimed at helping people struggling with addiction, the prevalence is still high. This is due to different social, emotional, and financial factors that push people to abuse drugs. This is a fight that involves everyone in the community, and knowing the facts and truth about drug addiction becomes important.


The prevalence of drug addiction is much higher in teenagers and young adults than in any other age bracket. The potential for damage due to drug use and addiction is also higher in teens and youths, making it a menace in the community. The rate of drug addiction is much higher in this age bracket due to peer pressure, adolescence, and uncertainty about life events. Teens have become susceptible to drug use due to peer pressure.

The association they have with other teens and the influence of the internet make them vulnerable and easy to abuse drugs. On the other hand, young people try to find solace in drugs as they struggle to meet their financial needs. With the increased cases of unemployment, most youths opt for drugs, leading to addiction and criminal activities. This causes a vicious cycle due to pre-employment drug test requirements forcing them out of the job market.

Drug Addiction and Mental Health

The links between drug use, addiction, and mental health are visible and strong. People with underlying mental health problems are twice as likely to use drugs compared to the general population. The vice versa is also true, as drug use and addiction can also lead to individuals developing mental health problems. This is concerning and proves the need for the community to take effective mitigation measures against drug use and addiction. It is important that a patient gets a diagnosis and treatment for both addiction and mental health disorders. This is vital as it will help us understand the root cause of the problem and how best to handle it. Facilitating recovery will also be easier when a patient receives dual diagnosis treatment.

Drug Addiction is Treatable

Drug addiction is a disease that, when addressed early, the patient can get the right treatment. The treatment approaches and processes, however, differ with the nature of addiction the patient suffers from. With the availability of rehab and addiction treatment centers, getting the right treatment becomes easier. The commonly used addiction treatment approaches are medically assisted detoxification, drug addiction therapy, and medication. There is also aftercare support that recovering patients receive, especially after going back home. Addiction is dangerous, and when it is not addressed and treated early, its impacts can cause damage to an individual’s life, family, and the community as a whole.

You Get the Best Care and Help in Addiction Treatment Centers

The presence of rehabs and addiction treatment centers and the availability of their services should make you comfortable and willing to seek help. The truth is that you will get the best treatment and care in the addiction treatment centers than in any other place. With the medical professionals, specialists, and healthcare providers present in these facilities, you will only receive the best care and attention, making it possible to handle your addiction problem and recover.

There are also inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that you can utilize in the addiction treatment center, making the recovery process effective in the end. When you visit https://www.ascendantny.com/, you will understand the types of treatment programs you can enroll in and treat addiction.

Family Needs Therapy Too When Dealing With an Addict

The family is an institution that you can depend on in every situation. This is not different when it comes to taking care of an addict. The process can, however, take a big toll on family members. For this reason, the unit should consider going for family therapy. Through the therapy session, family members will understand what it takes to take care of an addict and also why they should take care of themselves.

Drug use and addiction have various variables that make it hard for people to understand. With the effects extending to the community as a whole, getting information about the facts and truth about drug use and addiction becomes paramount.

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Drug Addiction Facts

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