Effective Materials For Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing products can be designed for flat, low slope applications or steep slope applications. Residential roofing materials can consist of underlayment products, shingles, and other accessory products. Some of the best products on the market today include Thermoset and Thermoplastic Urethane, metal roofing tiles, asphalt, and slate roofing tiles. Of course, some of these products require a special contractor license to install. If you are considering a residential roofing product, contact your local contractors to inquire about licensing requirements before starting work.

Find Quality Roofing Materials

Finding quality residential roofing products can be challenging. Often, residential customers try to cut costs by using less-than-quality roofing materials. Unfortunately, this often leads to long-term roof problems. The following tips will help you avoid costly mistakes when selecting your residential roofing materials.

Most residential customers mistakenly believe that asphalt is a better option than ceramic tile or slate when preparing their roofs. While both of these roof types have the merit of being more resistant to moisture, they perform in different ways. For example, asphalt is a heavier material that may require a permit to use. It also holds up well against some pests such as termites. Commercial roofs tend to be made from concrete or block, which tend to be weaker in comparison to asphalt and do not require a permit.

Roofing Products Rates

In addition, residential roofing products can be more expensive to install than commercial roofing products. This is due to differences in quality. Dimensional roofing shingles tend to be more expensive because they are more difficult to install and cost more to purchase in bulk. Moreover, asphalt roofing shingles are much weaker in quality than dimensional roofing shingles and therefore are more likely to need to be replaced sooner. This is a particular problem with those homeowners who live in areas that suffer from inclement weather such as tornadoes.

Right Type of Roof Cover

Finally, asphalt and slate residential roofs are prone to having the appearance of algae and moss if not treated appropriately. This is a problem that can easily be remedied with the right type of roof cover. If you do not want to hire a professional to deal with the clean-up after it rains or snows, consider using a solution of vinegar and water. This can help remove algae and moss that develop over time. You can also mix water with a bit of bleach to help remove mildew and moss that develop over time as well.

Final Thought

Residential roof coverings have many advantages and benefits but these are subject to change depending upon the location of your residence. Asphalt and slate roofs are more susceptible to weather conditions and are generally more expensive to install compared to clay and rubber roof systems. Furthermore, these materials are also more vulnerable to developing leaks and cracks that lead to water damage. The best solution for all of these types of roof systems is to hire a contractor to perform the installation work. These individuals are trained to perform work under ideal weather conditions and understand the installation process far better than you or me.

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Effective Materials For Residential Roofing

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  1. My friend talked about his plans to update the appearance of his home before inviting guests to visit. Thanks for explaining how investing in a new roofing system by finding a roofer could help him streamline the process. I hope this can convince him to find a roofing contractor for this project!

  2. Thank you for helping me figure out the difference in several kinds of roofing shingles this had me thinking about how often our roof has been required repaired recently, and what kind of material would best be used for a replacement. I’ll definitely ask a roofing expert that offers dimensional shingles to help us so we won’t need as many repairs.

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