Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers

Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers is a reputable breeder of quality Golden Retriever puppies in Florida. The Kennel is located in Polk City, FL, halfway between Tampa and Orlando, and has been breeding golden retrievers for nearly 20 years. The American Kennel Club has designated it a Breeder in Merit and offers a 100% guarantee on all its puppies. You can even get 80% of your money back if you aren’t satisfied with your dog.

Whether you’re looking for a playful puppy or a high-quality service dog, you’ll love Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers. Their puppies have been certified by OFA and are screened by veterinarians and cardiologists. Each dog is carefully selected before a breeding takes place. In addition to being a healthy breed, they’re excellent family dogs. They make excellent companions, and you’ll love having one in your home.

Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers can be gentle, but they need to be exercised regularly. You’ll have to set aside one hour a day for vigorous exercise. Goldens enjoy running around the neighborhood and playing fetch. They also enjoy canine sports. They are easy to train and require a lot of space to run around in. Their gentle nature makes them suitable for a family with children, as they are easy-going and gentle.

Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers are the result of years of hard work and care. The breeder has been breeding Goldens since 2004 and has produced several litters of high-quality dogs. They are known for their calm temperament and guarantee their puppies will not be affected by hereditary diseases such as von Willebrand’s, hip dysplasia, or luxating patella.

Harlow, an EagleRidge Golden is a loving, selfless dog. She wants to please her owner, and she wants to learn. She loves to work and performs tasks well. Goldens are easy to train and are a popular choice as service dogs. Some were even cast in Disney movies! It’s easy to train a happy dog if it’s excited to do it.

Golden Retrievers from Eagle Ridge have a high reputation and are very popular. This breed is loved by many show owners as well as their pets. This breeder is a specialist in educating owners about the breed. Their puppies are raised in a family home and socialized with different people. Each dog is a healthy, well-balanced pet. This is an important aspect of choosing a golden retriever to join your family.

Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers are among the most popular breeds in the country. In California, they’re available from First Class Goldens. The breeder has relocated to Idaho but still ships throughout the state. They breed many colors of Golden Retrievers. To reserve a dog, they require a $700 deposit. If you are interested in an Eagle Ridge Golden, apply now to ensure a puppy’s availability.

Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers
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