Embark Denver

The Embark Denver team is comprised of three people, all with different backgrounds and skill sets. Magnolia Movido is an accountant for 16+ years. Kasey Uhl is an accounting, finance, operations and accounting specialist. Both of them work out of a coworking space at 1550 Wewatta Street in downtown Denver. They also own two local businesses. They make a great team.

Embark Denver operates two businesses in its neighborhood: Pinwheel Coffee, a bike shop, and a cafe. They are small businesses that weave experiential learning into their academic work. Both businesses focus on community service and youth education. They are committed to creating quality workplaces that support the Embark experience. Denver has Embark students who work at Pinwheel Coffee and Framework Cycles. For many, these jobs provide a valuable context for studying social studies and math.

The company’s culture is another key contributor to its success. Embark’s mission is to exceed expectations by improving lives and helping people. This culture has been recognized by several organizations, including Inc., which has named Embark a top workplace for the fourth consecutive year. As a result of Embark’s focus on culture, the company has added eight new markets in five states, and has even expanded its footprint to the East Coast.

Interviews at Embark involve coding and design exercises, a PowerPoint presentation and a meeting between the CTO (and the team). Behavioral interview questions focus on your past experiences, aspirations, and skills. Final, you will need to answer various interview questions and show your aptitude for the job. The Embark interview process can last as long as two days in normal circumstances. The company hopes that the trip will be completed within two days.

While Embark is still in the early stages of testing driverless trucks, the company is working on developing level four driverless technology. Driverless trucks can control the highway without the assistance of a human driver. Embark is addressing these issues head-on, and is building a test fleet of self-driving trucks. The company has grown from two trucks to five trucks in just four months.

Embark Denver
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