15 Escape Room Birthday Party Ideas 

Escape Room Birthday Party


Birthday parties are quickly becoming more and more mundane. At the same time, the idea of people getting together and having fun is good. But is there any other way to celebrate a birthday, you ask? There are a number of alternatives for doing this, and the best one is escape rooms. 

An escape room birthday party, for example, is an interesting concept. Escape rooms are fun for groups and provide quality entertainment.  

There are multiple options when it comes to escape room birthday party hosting. You can either have it at your own house, or you can simply have it in an escape room. Most escape room companies allow birthday parties and other events. 

Why you should have an escape room birthday party?

Escape rooms are live-action role-playing games that immerse players into various themes. People of all ages can enjoy such parties, and it is going to be something new and exciting for everyone involved. 

1. Looking for themes? Utilize Video Games

Looking for themes? Utilize Video Games

One of the best things about having an escape room birthday party is that you such a party on a lot of themes. Escape rooms are based on a lot of themes and thus are a popular spot for escape room birthday parties. 

However, choosing a theme can be quite a challenging task. Not everyone might like the theme. These things also depend on the number of people you have, how old they are, and various other factors. 

Now one way to do this is to use video games as a basis for setting a theme. Escape rooms are versatile and allow escape room birthday parties to be fun for everyone. You could also use everyone’s favorite book, movie, or TV Show as a basis for selecting a theme.  

2. Make it more fun by having custom Invite

Make it more fun by having custom Invite

Sending out invitations for a birthday party is not something a lot of people do nowadays. But invitations make such moments much more special. You can easily print out invitations for an escape room birthday party. 

However, to make it even more special, you can customize these invites to reflect the theme you choose for it. This adds a certain charm and excitement for everyone who attends. You can alternatively use a lot of digital tools to send e-invites. It will be cheaper (Barring the charges of the tool you use) and much more efficient in reaching everyone. 

You also save a great deal of paper and other resources as well. But if you want an authentic experience, definitely have custom invites for your party.  

3. Board Games are a great idea

Board Games are a great idea 

While escape room birthday parties are fun by themselves, you can only entertain people for so long, especially if you plan to build an escape room at your own house. You alternatively have multiple other games to play. 

Board Games are a good choice depending on how many people come to your party. While a group of people enjoys escape rooms, the other lot can play board games instead of just sitting around. A lot of board games are escape room themed and will serve as a great source of entertainment at an escape room birthday party. 

4. DIY escape room birthday party props

DIY escape room birthday party props 

Assuming you plan on hosting an escape room birthday party at your house, you will need to set up a room for people to escape. This means that your party would be full of interesting props and materials. 

Making your own props is not difficult. You don’t need prior expertise, you just need the right tools and a creative mind.  You can utilize simple party hats, cups, locks, balloons, pens, pillows, and a number of other things as props.  

A quick search on the internet will reveal to you a whole world of escape room birthday party props for you to make and enjoy. 

5. DIY Escape room birthday party food

DIY Escape room birthday party food 

Most escape rooms that host escape room birthday parties provide snacks and drinks. However, if you are hosting one at your house, you should look into themed-based food. 

Escape room inevitably should be themed. With a theme, you should definitely try and serve people some themed foods. Starting right from the drinks to the birthday cake. Imagine having an escape room birthday party without themed food. It just doesn’t feel right! 

6. Know the total number of participants

Know the total number of participants

It is important to know how many people are going to attend your party. You can through invitations sent to confirm their appearance.  This is one of the most important and crucial steps when hosting a party, whether at your home or at an escape room.

Escape rooms have a set number of players who can play at once. If you know the number of people, you can divide people into teams if there are more people or simply fit everyone in one go if there are fewer. 

If there are more people, you can simply use our board game idea or time each team to create more competition. This will help your escape room birthday party to remain interesting.  

7. Plan your puzzles and riddles

Plan your puzzles and riddles

It is incredibly important for an escape room birthday party to have puzzles and riddles. If you are booking an escape room, always check the difficulty and type of puzzles. Ensure it is not too difficult for someone going to an escape room for the first time. You don’t want to ruin your fun through extremely tough challenges.

If you plan on hosting an escape room birthday party, ensure that you have mapped out the exact items you need for your puzzles. It is also important to make age-appropriate puzzles and riddles. While simpler puzzles will entertain kids, the same puzzles won’t work with adults. So, plan out the kind of puzzles and riddles you have in your escape room.

8. Prepare Clues

Prepare Clues

Once you are done planning your puzzles, your next task should be to have an innovative clue system. Sure it’s fun to simply ask for a clue, but it’s even more fun when you earn a clue. Hiding clues behind puzzles and simple riddles will make it much more rewarding. 

Another good idea in this respect would be to have some false or wrong clues as well. Not a lot but some. Enough to throw everyone off track once in a while. 

9. Prepare Themed Gifts

Prepare Themed Gifts

No birthday party should be done away with without birthday gifts, especially not an escape room birthday party. Ensure you fulfill the wishes of the person whose birthday it is. However, a good idea is to give themed gifts. 

Themed gifts can include games, clothes, accessories, toys, and other amazing things. It is obviously a good idea to know all this before you even plan a party. It can be a nice little surprise for anyone celebrating their birthday. 

10. Prepare a good sound list

Prepare a good sound list

Escape rooms have a certain charm and ambiance. This could be a result of the overall theme or sound effects. While most escape rooms have a dedicated mode of operation, you can always ask the staff for a change in sound for an escape room birthday party. 

If you are hosting an escape room birthday party at home, you can simply prepare a custom soundtrack. This will help you in setting the mood and ambiance for your escape room. Escape rooms are meant to be immersive, and without any ambiance, it will feel like you are just taking a math test. 

11. Fix a time limit

Fix a time limit

Birthday parties don’t tend to last long. At a maximum stretch, a normal birthday party might last anywhere from 3-5 hours. The important thing to note here is that most professional escape rooms don’t last for more than 60 minutes or 1 hour.  

Thus, it is important to devote your time to other activities accordingly so as to not make a mess out of them. While you host an escape room birthday party at your home, the whole escape room adventure might not last more than 45 minutes.  

One good way to ensure you don’t waste a lot of time just one escape room would be to play first, eat later, and finish with drinks. You can easily fit all your activities in these 3 areas.

12. Escape room birthday Party Favours

 Escape room birthday Party Favours

A good courtesy gesture after a birthday party is to give party favors to those who attend it. These party favors can be anything from cups, mugs, toys, pens, you name it.  However, to make your escape room birthday party a memorable one, we have a good idea. 

Since your escape room birthday party is themed, why not hand out party favors that are themed. You can easily gift people with framed photos or other themed memorabilia. This will be an interesting way to end your party. 

13. Make it accessible for all ages

Make it accessible for all ages

Unless and until it is expressly stated, a birthday party might have all sorts of people coming over, from parents to grandparents and even young kids. It is thus necessary to plan any escape room birthday party with this in mind. 

While a majority of escape rooms allow old people as well as young kids, you need to ensure it is accessible for everyone. A lot of escape rooms have a physical element that kids or old people might struggle with. Choose your escape rooms wisely. 

While you host an escape room birthday party at your home, you too should avoid placing things such as clues, items, and puzzles in places that are normally out of reach.   

14. Have a competition

 Have a competition

We mentioned it before, having a competition in an escape room birthday party would be a fantastic experience for everyone involved. You would be able to time different teams and have separate gifts and prizes for winners. Healthy competition can uplift the mood and spirits of people.  

15. Book an escape room carefully

Book an escape room carefully

This point cannot be stressed enough. Don’t just book an escape room based on its reviews or word of mouth. You should always first visit the place, play and then talk to the staff about it. A lot of escape rooms provide different and varying experiences.

From food and games to drinks and refreshments, you need to clear out all your plans with the staff of an escape room should you wish to have your escape room birthday party. Otherwise, just have your escape room birthday party at your house. 


Having an escape room birthday party is an interesting and amazing idea. Not many people involve themselves in doing which makes escape room birthday parties quite unique and appealing. 

With these 15 escape room birthday party ideas, you will be able to host an amazing party for everyone and have a great time. Hope you have a good time on a special occasion.

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15 Escape Room Birthday Party Ideas 

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