Essential Conference Room Accessories

Essential Conference Room Accessories

A business conference room is one of its most important assets. It’s where presentations are pitched, deals are made, and staff meetings are held. The last thing you want to do is have it reflect poorly on you. It should be an inviting place, not somewhere people will dread being in. Here are some essential considerations that will help upgrade your conference room.

Comfortable Seats

Meetings and presentations are the primary functions of a conference room. Almost always, both of those require participants to sit, sometimes for quite a while. Leather executive office chairs will look classy and feel comfortable. Invest in seating that won’t make people anxious to leave.


Hopefully, your conference room has windows that can allow a great deal of natural light in. If not, there are a few lighting do’s and don’ts that you need to consider. You want the room to be nice and bright, but you want to try to avoid fluorescent lighting as it has been known to affect people’s moods badly. If this is your only overhead light option, consider using floor lamps instead. Finally, if it’s possible to have dimmable lights, that can be a very nice touch for video presentations.

A Large Video Display

Speaking of video presentations, there’s never been a better time to get a massive screen for a price that would have seemed unthinkably low even five years ago. Whether you want a multiscreen display, or a widescreen LED monitor, it’s easy to mount one and connect it to a computer. It beats the days of huge pads of paper and charts!

Wireless Connectivity

The grace note to video presentations is Bluetooth technology that will allow you to click through Powerpoint presentations, control volume, and start and stop videos. Make sure you buy devices with this capability and always do a practice run before presenting to ensure that everything is connected and working.

Investing in your conference room can pay huge dividends in revenue and employee retention. It’s well worth it, and it will leave a good impression for years!

Essential Conference Room Accessories

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