Everything You Need to Know About NUCCA Chiropractic

NUCCA Chiropractic

If you struggle with chronic pain, frequent migraines or tension in your neck, you know it can be difficult to find the right treatment that works for you. If you’ve tried chiropractic before with some results, but you’re still looking for the treatment that gets you the relief you need you should consider NUCCA chiropractic. 

NUCCA chiropractic is a particular branch of chiropractic that you may not have heard of but can provide significant relief for many. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about NUCCA chiropractic and see if it may be the right treatment for you!

What is NUCCA Chiropractic?

NUCCA uses gentle spinal manipulation to restore the neck and spine to its proper alignment while reducing interference with the nervous system. This technique makes use of x-rays to analyze the patients’ unique pattern of misalignment which will be used to customize treatment and correct alignment.

NUCCA chiropractic focuses on the alignment of the upper cervical spine and adjustments are made predominantly to the atlas bone with smaller adjustments being made to the surrounding bones in the cervical spine as needed.

NUCCA vs. Traditional Chiropractic

Both NUCCA and traditional chiropractic involve the use of gentle manipulation to restore joint mobility. NUCCA, however, focuses on the alignment of the head and neck – specifically the first bone of the cervical spine – the atlas. In aligning the head and neck the rebalancing of posture and balance in the rest of the body follows. 

While traditional chiropractic can address concerns throughout the body, but in particular focuses on the spine, NUCCA shrinks that focus down to just the cervical spine. This targeted top-down approach has proven effective for many patients.

What To Expect?

NUCCA chiropractic is very patient-specific. At your first appointment, you will have a thorough assessment to help your chiropractor understand your symptoms and concerns. This assessment includes the use of x-rays that will be used to measure and analyze your particular misalignments and come up with an adjustment and treatment plan specific to you. 

NUCCA adjustments are typically done with the patient lying on their side and head supported so that the head and neck area are in a neutral position. The adjustment itself involves the chiropractor applying gentle pressure to the neck to adjust the atlas and bones of the neck relieving any interference and bringing them back into alignment. Your chiropractor will typically take another x-ray after successful treatment(s) to compare.

Once proper alignment has been achieved, adjustments are only necessary when there is evidence showing that you may be out of alignment. Most chiropractors will recommend “maintenance” check-ups at least semi-annually to track progress and for prevention purposes.

Is it Safe?

Yes, NUCCA chiropractic has been proven to be safe. NUCCA chiropractic doesn’t involve manipulations of the neck in the same way that traditional chiropractic does. With NUCCA adjustments are very gentle and don’t involve sudden, forceful movements that many patients often think of when they think of neck adjustments. 

It is completely normal to feel a bit uneasy about your first neck adjustment if you’re not sure what you’re in for but your chiropractor will explain the process to you and ensure that you are comfortable before and during the adjustment. 

When Should You Seek NUCCA Chiropractic?

Like traditional chiropractic, NUCCA chiropractic can be beneficial for certain conditions as well as “maintenance” for those not currently experiencing issues. Many people choose to have regular chiropractic appointments as a part of their overall healthy lifestyle, and NUCCA chiropractic is no different – it’s a great preventative treatment to help minimize issues long-term.

In addition to prevention, NUCCA chiropractic can address concerns such as:

  • Headaches 
  • Migraines
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Certain chronic pain concerns
  • Jaw/TMJ pain

If you experience any of these concerns or have a concern not listed, reach out to your chiropractor to discuss if NUCCA is right for you. 

How to Find a NUCCA Chiropractor

Although NUCCA was founded in 1964, it’s still a very specialized type of chiropractic that may not be widely available in your area. If you are interested in NUCCA you can search nucca treatment near me in your search engine of choice to find a chiropractor near you. 


If you’re fed up and exhausted looking for the right treatment for your pain and concerns, it may be time to look into NUCCA chiropractic. This gentle form of upper cervical chiropractic is safe and effective for most patients, making it a great option for those that may also be wary of traditional chiropractic neck adjustments.

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Everything You Need to Know About NUCCA Chiropractic

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