Everything you need to know about well pump repair

pump repair

There are many things you need to know about well pump repair. There are sure signs you can look for to see if your good pump is failing, as well as the cost of repair. Whether you’re just beginning to consider repairing your well or have been looking for an expert for some time, you need to know the basics.

Pressure switch

If your well pump isn’t working correctly, consider calling a pump repair Tampa, FL professional because you may have to replace the pressure switch. The pressure switch is the brain of your water delivery system. It can be found inside your basement, outside, or in the garage. The exact location of your switch depends on your system. Your pressure switch may be missing a tiny nut that controls the pressure level. A good indicator of this is if you have a low or high number in the PSI range. Lower numbers indicate a problem with the tank. Higher numbers suggest a malfunction with the pump. Other factors affecting your pressure switch include general wear and tear, corrosive substances in the system, or debris. A professional should inspect your good pump if you suspect your system needs repair.

Pressure tank

A sound pressure tank keeps your water pressurized. This reduces the workload on your good pump and increases the longevity of your pump. Typically, a proper pressure tank lasts for at least 15 years, if not longer. However, there are times when your good pressure tank needs to be replaced. If it’s not time for a new one yet, you may be able to repair the old one. Some common problems include leaks, the air in the water plumbing, or low water pressure. First, it’s essential to diagnose the problem. Low water pressure or a sand-like substance in your water could indicate a pump or tank malfunction.

Foot valve

The foot valve is a vital part of all pumping systems. It keeps water in a steady stream and prevents damage to the pump. It is also used to manage liquids. This valve works by opening and closing as the water flow in the pipe changes. Foot valves are typically installed at the end of the piping and sit close to the lower part of the well. They are available in different sizes and materials. Generally, a foot valve will have a screen attached to the inlet. These screens are meant to stop larger debris from getting stuck in the foot valve.

Check valve

A check valve is an essential component of a sound pump plumbing system. It prevents the backflow of water into a well. Using a check valve can help extend the life of your water system. However, the check valve must be installed correctly. There are a variety of check valves available. Some types are designed for low-pressure applications, while others can handle high pressures. Check valves are usually rated for 5-7 years before needing replacement. When choosing a check valve, you should consider the pipe size it will be installed in. The larger the check valve, the more resistance it will have to fluid flow.


One of the most common problems a good pump faces is a need for more water pressure. If you have no water pressure, it’s a clear sign that your pump is broken or faulty. You need to hire a professional to help you fix this problem. The cost of well pump repair can vary greatly depending on your pump type, location, and the type of parts you need to replace. You can get a quote from multiple plumbers in your area by searching well company near me to get the most competitive price. While the actual cost of well pump repairs can be expensive, there are ways to save on material costs. For example, reusing parts is an excellent way to minimize the number of materials needed. This means you can maintain quality.

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Everything you need to know about well pump repair

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