EZ Trainer – What Makes it the Best Bicycle Stabilizer?

The EZ Trainer uses ultrasonic frequency which your dog can hear. The sound is not harmful to your dog but it can discourage pulling. The EZ Trainer is also an effective tool for teaching your dog to sit and heel, as well as to stop jumping up on people and objects. The EZ Trainer is available in many colors. It’s affordable, too. What are you waiting for?! Order yours today!

The EZ Trainer can be used on bicycle wheels between 12″ and 16″. It absorbs the shocks and helps your child develop his or her confidence. It also ensures the rear wheel remains in contact with the ground on uneven terrain. Designed for rear facing horizontal dropouts, the EZ Trainer is easy to install and doesn’t require any further adjustments after installation. The EZ Trainer also has other benefits. So, what makes it the best bicycle stabilizer?

The EZ trainer system was developed by academic surgeons at two institutions. This study evaluated its face and content validity. It was tested by people with and without laparoscopic surgery experience. The EZ Trainer is a realistic and efficient training device. Speck Design helped with the physical realization of the EZ Trainer. Creative Technology Limited provided the camera at a discount price. Refer to the references in the full text of this article.

EZ Trainer – What Makes it the Best Bicycle Stabilizer?
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