The Debate Over Allowing Fabric to Breathe in Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation

Before we go into this debate, let’s speak about how to keep your wedding gown in good condition and how to clean it.

Make sure you get a service that will do an excellent job for you. First and foremost, this does not refer to your neighborhood dry cleaning. Your wedding gown will be thrown in with the rest of their clothes (shirts, trousers, gowns of all colors, and so on). They may or may not steam your gown correctly, and they may or may not store it in the appropriate bridal gown preservation box.

You want a bridal gown preservation service that will treat your gown with care. A company that understands how important it is to you. When it arrives, they should check it thoroughly by hand. The dress’ hem should be washed by hand. It’s the dirtiest portion of your gown and should be cleaned by hand. This allows the garment to be washed correctly, removing the dirt, road oils, and grass stains separately as needed.

Wedding Dress Preservation

You’ll also want a service that cleans the top of the dress’ bodice by hand. Make-up, spray tan, body oils, and sweat are commonly seen on this spot. Hand cleaning is the greatest way to treat and clean each of these.

Make sure the professional inspects the area thoroughly for any stains. Wine and food stains are typically easy to spot, but club soda, white wine, and even cake icing might be difficult to spot. The easiest way to identify these stains is using a black light. They’ll know what to use to remove the stain after it’s been found.

It’s a huge plus if you can get a company that would make basic repairs for free. From time to time, there are lost buttons, loose beads, or minor rips due to carelessness. If you can write down what needs to be repaired and where it is, the wedding gown preservation company can locate it and fix it for you for free.

After this, steam and press your dress, then place it on an acid-free bust form with the skirt and train folded neatly, covered with acid-free tissue paper, and stored in its preservation box.

Wedding Dress Preservation


Is the box shipped back to you unsealed, or is it entirely sealed and delivered to you?

Those wedding dress preservation companies who do not seal their boxes will tell you that the fabric needs to breathe and that you should take your garment out and refold it every few years. You seem to desire healthy fabric, and refolding will help prevent creases from settling in too deeply. It also allows you to open the package and check the garment, according to them. All of this appears to be reasonable and beneficial, except…..

Let’s take a look at each of these problems one by one. First and foremost, your bridal gown fabric, no matter what it is made of, has no lungs! That may seem self-evident, but the cloth DOES NOT NEED TO BREATHE. Let’s take a look at that for a moment. Have you ever stood outside on a beautiful day with a sunbeam streaming through the window and gazed at the air floating around? What do you think you see? All of the dust, pollen, and other particles that are floating in the air. What do you suppose occurs if that air passes through the fabric? The cloth collects all of the dust, pollen, and grime, and it gets filthy. Don’t believe that merely closing your preservation box will keep the air out; it won’t, and that’s what these firms are counting on, attempting to convince you that it is an advantage when it isn’t.

Consider refolding the gown. First, most of these companies fail to inform you that removing the garment from the box voids the guarantee. To keep the dress in place, the bodice shape is connected to the box. The dress would wind up in a crumpled mess at the bottom of the box if it wasn’t attached. The dresses are folded with care so that they will fit inside the box properly. If you try to refold the garment in a different way, it will produce a mess and will not fit back into the box properly. You might not be able to close the box again.

Wedding Dress Preservation

A fold-in fabric that has been there for 5 years is no more damaging to it than one that has been there for 40 years. If you re-folded it in the same spot again and over, you risk damaging the fabric, similar to creasing a sheet of paper. However, leaving the cloth folded once is harmless.

Choose a wedding gown preservation company that will provide you and your priceless wedding gown with the attention and care that you and it deserve.

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The Debate Over Allowing Fabric to Breathe in Wedding Dress Preservation

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