10 Fabulous Fashion Tips for Fashionista’s for Summer

Fabulous Fashion Tips for Fashionista’s for Summer

It is a fabulous Summer! Are you ready to be a trendsetter and blast into Summer? 

Summer days make you feel fine. With some light-colored clothing, an off-the-shoulder style, a light summer perfume, only a touch of makeup, and you are ready to experience the best summer of your life.

Summer is the season for fun and laughter! It gives you a chance to show off your beauty and the latest fashion trends.

Stimulating and vibrant summer ideas will get your imagination going and give you design ideas for clothes and stunning accessories!

We are here to tell you what’s hot and what’s not! As trendsetters, you need to know the latest fashions so that you can help your friends that are not as stylish and unique as you are.

Fashionista’s, here are fantastic tips only for you:

1. Choose light color clothes

Light colors reflect the rays of the sun. Light colors have a low absorbance of rays so you will be able to look cool in white and any other light color you choose to wear. Avoid dark colors like black and navy in summer as these dark colors attract sun rays and will make you feel hot and bothered.

2. Choose the right clothes

Yes, the color matters but also look at your perfect summer styles. Sensational Summer dresses made from light fabrics are a perfect choice. Your legs can move freely while you walk along with friends to that exciting party or club.

Wearing a cool cotton or linen blend dress will let your body move to the beat, dance the night away, and let your legs do the talking.

3. Wear loose-fitting clothes

It’s summer, ladies! Enjoy the sun while relaxing or doing absolutely anything you choose. This is the time of year you can really let your hair down. Dance, play, stay active while looking great in loose-fitting activewear.

4. Wear off-the-shoulder clothes

These clothes expose your beautiful shoulders and neckline while the breeze gently kisses your skin. Remember your sun protection, at least an SPF of 50 to protect your beautiful skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

5. Use light makeup

Summer is a time to do everything a little lighter, and that includes your makeup. Use a light foundation, and only accent your eyelashes with great mascara. Oh, and maybe a little Jonteblu eyeliner to accentuate your beautiful eyes!

6. Accessorize

With your off-the-shoulder clothes, and your beautiful neckline exposed, accessorize with bracelets and a gorgeous necklace. This is the perfect time to show your taste in fashion accessories. The latest accessory trends range from light jewelry to chunky, depending on your personal style choice.

7. Drink more water

Ladies, hydration is the only way to get through a long hot lazy summer day. Enjoy your water with a slice of lemon for extra zest! Make sure your water is purified and toxin-free, with or without bubbles.

8. Use a Linen Handbag

Linen is the perfect fabric for a summer bag. Choose from a wide variety of stunning summer colors and designs. Linen handbags are not only useful to carry your handbag contents in, but you can also fit a bathing suit and small towel into it, should you decide to go swimming. The wonderful thing about a linen bag is that you can wash it, so if you have gone swimming with friends, don’t worry if something spills on it. Simply wash it in cold water using an eco-friendly washing powder.

9. Great Summer Hair

 Prepare for summer with a new summer hair style, whether it is colorful, clip-on extensions, or a short summer cut, go for it and enjoy it! Whatever the color or style your hair is, get ready for summer with a revamp, a new cut, or a new color. It’s your choice. Love it!

10. Exude self-confidence

Summer gives you the opportunity to be “easy-breezy,” take this season to show your friends and family that you are a woman, and you know what you want.

As the saying goes, it is a woman’s prerogative to do as she pleases!

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10 Fabulous Fashion Tips for Fashionista’s for Summer

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