Types of Services Offered by Spectrum

Types of Services Offered by Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is America’s fastest-growing service provider connecting more than 28 million residential and business customers in 41 states. The company is committed to integrating high-quality service with superior entertainment and communications products. Over the years, Spectrum has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements to enhance its fiber network so that they can facilitate their customers in the best possible way.

Spectrum offers a wide range of services, which are consistent and deliver actual value to the customers. Here are some of the services offered by the company:

Spectrum Internet offers the fastest internet in the United States with speeds starting from 100 Mbps. With such a fast connection, users can simultaneously stream videos, download music, play multiplayer online games, and conduct video conferences. Apart from the exceptional service, Spectrum provides its users with free modems and a self-installation kit so that they can easily install the connection on their own and start using the amazing services right away. In addition to this, Spectrum does not limit the use of the internet with data caps. Customers are free to use as much bandwidth and data as they want.

Spectrum TV comes with Free HD and enables the customers to instantly access thousands of On-Demand titles so that they never go out of options. The provider also facilitates its customers by giving them the opportunity to watch TV on the go with Spectrum TV App.

Spectrum Mobile proposes a high-quality experience to the customers so that they can get the best value for their money. While delivering the fastest internet speeds, this service is combined with a nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots so that users never lose their connection and can carry out their activities without any interruptions.

Spectrum Voice is a fully featured service that comes with unlimited local and international calling plans including voicemail and other popular features like call waiting, call forwarding, etc. Serving around 10 million people in the United States, Spectrum has established itself as one of the leading phone providers in the service provider industry.

Spectrum Business facilitates small businesses so that they can perform better and achieve profitable results. Spectrum Business customers enjoy a wide range of services and products including high-speed internet, Ethernet, voice and various business solutions. In addition to this, the company is always prepared to deliver customizable solutions to entities that require different packages, which are not offered as standard services.

Spectrum Reach offers traditional advertising with modern interactive solutions to help companies communicate with their potential clients. Furthermore, the provider also provides promotional services including internet marketing, mobile marketing and email marketing.

Spectrum Enterprise Solutions for building business-to-business solutions keeping in mind the usage of the people working in the organization. The service is designed to accelerate businesses so that they can achieve their targets in a timely manner.

Spectrum Community Solutions to facilitate residential clients in the best possible way. This facility includes Wi-Fi, TV and phone services so that Spectrum customers never lose their connection with the worldwide web.

Charter Spectrum is best known for delivering cable services to 41 states in the US. Since its merger with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable, Spectrum’s network footprint has increased to a population of almost 103 million customers. Apart from that, the company has a straightforward pricing strategy with no contract and no data caps. Unlike other providers, Spectrum does not restrict its customers when it comes to video streaming, downloading and online gaming. When purchasing services from Spectrum, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Consider buying bundles services. Quite often, bundle services are only moderately expensive than standalone services. In such situations, it is always a better idea to go for the bundle option because you get more services for only a few extra dollars.
  2. Double-check the prices before making the purchase. Although Spectrum is straightforward with its prices, some of the advertised prices are only applicable in case of bundle deals. Therefore, make sure that you ask for the price before making the purchase.
  3. Beware of promotional rates and price hikes. Just like other providers, Spectrum also offers discounted packages for their new customers in order to attract their attention. however, after a certain amount of time, these prices go up and the provider starts charging the normal price. Therefore, conduct thorough research regarding the provider that you wish to choose.

These are all the services offered by Charter Spectrum. Make sure that you know which service is ideal for you by checking your internet usage. This will help you save money on your monthly bills that you can utilize in other productive activities.

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Types of Services Offered by Spectrum

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